Pursuing an MA in Communication at the University of Cincinnati really developed my writing and critical thinking skills. I credit much of my success in the professional world with the education and training I received through this graduate program. The program provides students with a thorough knowledge of communication theory and concepts that provides a deeper understanding of human communication, able to be used in all facets of personal and professional life. My career since graduation included positions in non-profit organizations. My current place of employment is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing functional financial and economics education to students and teachers in local schools. Our focus is on the low-income, urban schools and students in Cincinnati. I am currently responsible for all internal and external communication efforts of our organization, positioning of new products and services, and assisting with fundraising efforts. Adrijana G. Kowatsch, Assistant Director of Development, Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati (BA 2003, MA 2005)

I received my MA from the University of Cincinnati's Department of Communication in March of 1992. I can unequivocally state that this degree is directly responsible for any professional success I might now enjoy. While there is much to praise about the program, I acknowledge the following aspects as most significant to my graduate-level learning: the diversity of classes offered (theoretical and practical application), the esteemed credentials of the teaching faculty, the quality of MA candidates selected for admission, and the enhancement of my communication skill base. Most EVERYTHING I learned about advanced public speaking, professional business writing, critical thought development, and adult learning theory, I learned from our department's graduate program. All serve me well today as a college professor, corporate speaker (Procter & Gamble, Ohio National Financial Services, Messer Construction), and the only CIP (certified image professional) in the state of Ohio. I am convinced that none of this would be possible without the faculty and curriculum of UC's Department of Communication graduate program. I am forever grateful and take all that I learned into any context I personally and professionally encounter. LisaMarie Luccioni, MA, AICI, CIP, Adjunct Associate Professor, Certified Image Professional (MA 1992)

My experience as a graduate student in the Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati was one I will never forget. I was challenged everyday by both my professors and peers. It was chance to take what I had learned as an undergraduate and delve into the fields of study that I was most passionate about. It was an opportunity to grow academically and personally and prepare myself for my professional career. Kim Richardson (BA 2004, MA 2006)

Obtaining a Master of Arts Degree in Communication from the University of Cincinnati was one of the wisest decisions I've ever made. There are many opportunities available for students to focus their interests. Personally, I worked with Dr. Trent and assisted her with research for a political campaign communications textbook. The research and writing experience I gained from working with her was tremendous. There is no better education than actual hands on learning from experts within the field. I also had the opportunity to work with Dr. Depoe in environmental communications. I had a strong quest for knowledge on the many communications perspectives involved, and the opportunity to work one on one with a respected professor in the discipline was invaluable. I chose the pre-professional track and the knowledge and experience gained from this program have made me very well rounded and marketable. The small class size enables students to not only learn from the professors, but from each other. I am very thankful for the opportunities made available to me in the program and view it as one of the finest communications programs in the country. It is a privilege and an honor to have been a part of such a fine academic experience. Carrie Rutkoski (MA 2003)

Considerable field experience helped me land my first job. My work is in media planning, where I identify the most effective channels for a client's advertising budget. This responsibility includes media research, competitive brand analysis, spending recommendations, buying specifications, and delivery reports---all essential components for the creation and implementation of successful media plans. Saurav Banerjee Media Consultant, Giant Step (MA 1994)

(The master's program) served me well in the consulting field. I am responsible for one of our key service areas - organizational improvement, which focuses on individual, group, and organizational effectiveness. We help clients achieve operational excellence through counsel on human influences as they relate to organizational systems and the overall improvements process. DeAnn Basden, Vice President, Management Performance International, Inc. (MA 1991)

Going through a mid-life career change, I found the program invaluable. In my work with BFI, I perform a variety of functions, all relating to communication. I work as a lobbyist, develop new business accounts, and oversee advertising and other promotional campaigns. Robert Case, Manager, External Affairs/Business Development, Browning-Ferris Industries, Inc. (MA 1993)

(The master's program) well-prepared me for a career in human resources. Cheryl Jordan Consultant, Turner Broadcasting Systems (BA 1988, MA 1989)

(The master's program) provided me with the skills to be successful in a multi-national company. In marketing our institutional money management services, I provide prospective clients with information regarding our international investment capabilities, while keeping current clients appraised of the status of their investments and the state of global markets. Clients include corporate and public pension funds, foundations, and high net worth individuals. Paul G. Ravetta, Institutional Marketing Assistant, G.T. Capital Management, Inc. (BA 1991, MA 1992)


U.C. is a place full of opportunity. I am currently in the second year of my doctoral program at the University of Utah, and overwhelming satisfied with the preparation I received in the University of Cincinnati's Department of Communication. The faculty, courses, and research and service opportunities outside of class have been instrumental in preparing for me for both my academic and professional work. While I learned a foundation in communication theory and method, I also worked on projects with nonprofits in the Cincinnati area, had a chance to facilitate environmental student groups, and designed and implemented applied communication projects in local communities. I also learned from some of the top scholars in interpersonal, mass communication, and environmental and risk communication, helping to crystallize my interests and the person and scholar I want to become. Autumn Garrison, doctoral student, University of Utah (MA 2007)

The pre-doctoral program at UC gave me a strong and solid foundation and prepared me well for my doctoral work. I especially found my writing skills improved as a result of my coursework. I felt as prepared or more prepared for doctoral work than my fellow PhD students when I arrived at my new school. It was helpful to be exposed to a variety of content courses, theoretical frameworks, and research methodologies. The small program size gave me ample opportunity to work closely with other graduate students and professors. It really felt like a large family and we were all very supportive of one another. In all, I felt that my experience at the University of Cincinnati was extremely beneficial and enlightening and greatly prepared me for my future doctoral work. Jessica Rack, doctoral student, Purdue University (MA 2004)

It is easy for me to say that the master's program in Communication at the University of Cincinnati has prepared me very well for doctoral training, research, and publishing. The cumulative knowledge of the faculty is exceptional, and they are each happy to share their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom with their students. The teaching experience afforded to me while pursuing the MA in Communication has also situated me to continue teaching during my doctoral training and has helped me to better sharpen my teaching skills and pedagogy. Even after graduating from the program and pursing a doctorate in Urban Educational Leadership, the Communication faculty and staff have been very supportive of me as an adjunct faculty member, both in terms of teaching and publishing. Further, the mentorship and relationships established during the Master's program have been some of the most enriching of my personal and professional life. In all, I am very proud and grateful to be affiliated with such a strong and rich program. For these reasons and more, I can without hesitation recommend the master's program in Communication at the University of Cincinnati. Michael J. Sharp, doctoral student, Urban Educational Leadership, University of Cincinnati (MA 2005)

(The master's program) prepared me for the demands of a doctoral program. My area of research is in rhetorical criticism and the study of American public address. I specialize in the discourse of the American organized labor movements. Elizabeth A. Daley, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Speech Communication, Gustavus Adolphus College, Saint Peter, MN (BA 1990, MA 1991, PhD 1995, Ohio State University)

(The master's program provided) faculty who instilled within me a love of wisdom...I hope to pass on to my students. My areas of research interest and teaching include rhetorical theory and criticism, communication theory, and cultural criticism. Eric Watts, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina (BA 1988, MA 1989, PhD 1995, Northwestern)