Semester Courses and Pre-requisites

Semester Courses and Pre-requisites
Introduction to Psychology
PSYC1010 Introduction to the Psychology Major  
PSYC1080 Theories and Applications of Emotion Management  
PSYC2001C Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology I  
PSYC2002C Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology II 2001C
PSYC2005 Child and Adolescent Development 1001
PSYC2007 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging 1001
PSYC2010 Human Sexuality  
PSYC2011 Psychology of Gender  
PSYC2012 Sport Psychology  
PSYC2013 Positive Psychology  
PSYC2014 Managing Diversity  
PSYC2015 Social Psychology 1001
PSYC2020 Cognition and Learning 1001
PSYC2025 Psychology of Development, Learning and Change 1001
PSYC2030 Sensation and Perception 1001
PSYC2042 Psychology of Interpersonal Relations  
PSYC2051 Abnormal Psychology 1001
PSYC2052 History and Systems of Psychology  
PSYC2053 Personality 1001
PSYC2070 Psychobiology 1001
PSYC2085 Special Topics in Psychology  
PSYC2096 Teaching Practicum  
PSYC2097 Research Practicum  
PSYC2098 Advanced Research Practicum Permission
PSYC2099 Independent Study in Psychology  
PSYC3011 Health Psychology 1001
PSYC3013 Political Psychology  
PSYC3020 Cognitive Neuropsychology 2020, 2070
PSYC3022 Lifespan Brain Development 2070
PSYC3023 Psychological Measurement & Testing 2002C
PSYC3024 Functional Neuroanatomy 2070
PSYC3025 Cognitive Science 2020
PSYC3026 Broken Brains 2070
PSYC3027 Principles of Behavior Modification 1001
PSYC3029 Psychology in the Workplace 2042
PSYC3033 Developmental Issues in Health Psychology 2005
PSYC3034 Diversity and Health 1001
PSYC3035 Theories of Clinical Intervention 2051
PSYC3036 Cultural Competence in Psych Research and Practice Soph Standing
PSYC3040 Choice and Decision Making 2020, 2001C
PSYC3041 Cognitive in the Wild  
PSYC3042 Philosophy of Psychology  
PSYC3043 Human Performance 2030
PSYC3044 Cognitive Development 2020
PSYC3045 Dynamics of Perception and Action 2030
PSYC3046 Embodied Cognition 2020,2030 & 2001C
PSYC3062 Brains on Drugs 2070
PSYC3065 Mediation and Conflict Resolution 2042
PSYC3066 Psychology of Stigma & Prejudice 2002C
PSYC3070 Substance Use and Abuse 1001
PSYC3095 Groups at Work 2042
PSYC4038 Senior Thesis  
PSYC5050 Research Capstone: Child Health and Mental Health 2002C
PSYC5051 Research Capstone: Community Research 2002C
PSYC5052 Research Capstone: Stress and Health 2002C
PSYC5053 Research Capstone: Children's Learning 2002C
PSYC5054 Research Capstone: Personality and Clinical Psychology 2002C
PSYC5055 Research Capstone: Perception and Action 2002C
PSYC5056 Research Capstone: Social Psychology 2002C
PSYC5057 Research Capstone: Cognitive Psychology 2002C
PSYC5058 Research Capstone: Applied Psychology 2002C
PSYC5059 Research Capstone: Neuropsychology 2002
PSYC5060 Research Capstone: Human Factors 2002C
PSYC5062 Research Capstone: Evaluation and Educational Programs 2002C
PSYC6004 Industrial/Organizational Psychology 1001