Bruce Jayne

Callisaurus draconoides

Filename: cdl530l
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Phrynosomatidae
Species: Callisaurus draconoides (Zebra tail lizard)
ANIMAL SIZE - Snout-vent length: 6.7 cm Mass: 8.0 g
SPEED - of locomotion: 530 cm/sec of treadmill: 390 cm/sec
TEMPERATURE: 38-40 degrees C
Time between successive images of video clip: 0.008 sec

Comments: Right lateral view of lizard running bipedally on a horizontal treadmill.
Distance between vertical lines in the background grid is 10 cm.
The tread surface is moving opposite to the direction of running. Consequently, movement of the lizard relative to the background is slower than relative to the tread surface.
This is some of the fastest locomotion that we have videotaped for ANY species of lizard to date! Note the incredible forward extension of the lower limb and the remarkable extent to which the heel remains above the tread surface throughout the time of foot contact!

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