Past Colloquia

Speaker & Affiliation
Professor Florin Catrina
St. John’s University
Dvoretzky-type theorem for locally finite subsets of a Hilbert space (joint with S. Ostrovska and M. Ostrovskii April 11, 2023
Jianguo Sun
University of Missouri
Variable Section for Interval-Censored Failure Time Data November 3, 2022
Michal Wojciechowski
Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Microlocal approach to the Hausdorff dimension of measures September 22, 2022
Robert Gramacy
Virginia Tech
Deep Gaussian Process Surrogates for Computer Experiments September 29, 2022
Jiyeon Song
University of Michigan
Bayesian Inference for High Dimensional Cox Models Using
the Gaussian and Diffused-gamma Prior 
October 6, 2022
Yeansu Kim 
Chonnam National University
Two Main Conjectures in the Langlands Program October 27, 2022
Speaker & Affiliation
Christopher Wikle
University of Missouri
Simplifying Statistical Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Models via Deep-Model Generated Basis Functions October 18, 2019
Yannick Sire
Johns Hopkins University
Geometric variational problems: old problems and new approaches October 24, 2019
HoGeun Sun
Pusan National University
Incorporating genetic networks into case-control association studies with high-dimensional DNA methylation data November 7, 2019
Wenpin Tang
University of California Berkeley
Discrete and continuous ranking models December 5, 2019
Tyler Helmuth
University of Bristol
Recurrence of the vertex-reinforced jump process in two dimensions December 6, 2019
Xiaoquin Guo
University of Wisconsin
Random walks and stochastic homogenization in a balanced random environment December 9, 2019
Chris Janjigian
University of Utah
Stationary models in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class December 10, 2019
Youngdeok Hwang
Baruch College CUNY
Sequential Model-Based Optimization for Continuous Inputs with Finite Decision Space February 6, 2020
Amy Braverman
Jet Propulsion Lab
Post-hoc Uncertainty Quantification for Remote Sensing Observing Systems February 20, 2020
Georgios Karagiannis
Durham University
Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo  without likelihoods February 27, 2020
Jaekyoung Kim
Timeseries analysis of stochastic systems with hidden components March 5, 2020
2018 - 2019
Speaker & Affiliation

Professor Jeff Thunder

Northern Illinois University

Siegel's Lemma, Heights, and the Geometry of Numbers Oct 19, 2018
Professor Huiyan Sang
Texas A&M University
Spatial homogeneity pursuit of regression coefficients for large datasets Nov 1, 2018
Professor Guy David
Ball State University
Lipschitz differentiability, embeddings, and rigidity for group actions
Sep 6, 2018
Professor Alexander Tovbis
University of Central Florida
Inversion Formula and Range Conditions for a Vector, Multi-Interval Finite Hilbert Transformation in L²
Oct 4, 2018
Dr. Theresa C. Anderson 
Purdue University
The Spherical Maximal Function along the primes Nov 29, 2018
Professor Michael Renardy
Virginia Tech
On controllability of linear viscoelastic flows Nov 9, 2018
Professor David Freeman
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash
Toward a Bi-Lipschitz Characterization of Invertible Homogeneous Metric Spaces Nov 14, 2018
Dr. Shigui Ruan
University of Miami
Oscillations in an Evolutionary Epidemiological Model of Influenza A Drift
April 6, 2018
Dr. Sudipto Banerjee
University of California Los Angeles
High-Dimensional Bayesian Geostatistics
April 12, 2018
Jonas Lührmann
Johns Hopkins University
Nonlinear Dispersive and Wave Equations
January 10, 2019
Jiayin Jin
Georgia Tech
Invariant Manifolds and Dynamics of Dispersive Hamiltonian PDEs
January 15, 2019
William Green
Rose-Hullman Institute of Technology
Dispersive estimates for the Dirac Equation
January 23, 2019
Deniz Bilman
University of Michigan
What do Riemann-Hilbert problems tell us about nonlinear waves? January 24, 2019
Weiwei Hu
Oklahoma State University
Boundary Control of Optimal Mixing via Fluid Flows January 25, 2019
Theirry De Pauw
East China Normal University
Quantitative Radon-Nikodym theorems and applications to regularity theory in the calculus of variations February 11, 2019
Junping Shi
The College of William and Mary
Uniqueness of positive solution to some coupled cooperative variational elliptic systems February 28, 2019
Paul Hagelstein
Baylor University
Differentiation of Integrals: Frontiers and Perspectives March 14, 2019
Iosif Petrakis
University of Munich
Constructive topology of Bishop spaces March 28, 2019
Krystal Taylor
Ohio State University
The geometry of sets from the perspective of Fourier analysis and projection theory April 4, 2019
Tatiana Toro
University of Washington
The Geometry of Measures April 17, 2019
Zhengyuan Zhu
Iowa State University
Spatial Temporal Satellite Data Imputation Based on Sparse Functional Data Analysis  April 19, 2019
Nam Le
Indiana University 
The Brunn-Minkowski inequality for the Monge-Ampere eigenvalue and smoothness of the eigenfunctions April 24, 2019
Speaker & Affiliation Title Date

Dr. Jaehong Jeong
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

A Stochastic Generator of Global Monthly Wind Energy with Tukey g-and-h Autoregressive Processes   Jan 23, 2018

Dr. Amy Braverman
California Institute of Technology

Uncertainty Quantitfication for Remote Sensing Data   Jan 18, 2018
Dr. Mikael Kuusela
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Locally stationary spatio-temporal interpolation of Argo profiling float data   Jan 11, 2018

Xuan Cao
University of Florida

Graphical Models, Non-local Priors in High-dimensional Bayesian Analysis   Jan 16, 2018
Professor Chris Cosner
University of Miami
Dynamics of Populations with Individual Variation in Dispersal on Bounded Domains Nov 9, 2017
Prof Fabrice Baudoin
University of Connecticut
Laplacian comparison theorems in sub-Riemannian geometry   Oct 5, 2017

2016 - 2017

2016 - 2017
Speaker & Affiliation Title
Prof Stephen Cantrell
University of Miami
Persistence in Models for Intraguild Predation
Prof Davar Khoshnevisan
University of Utah
A Multifractal Analysis of Parabolic SPDEs
Prof Thomas Fai
Harvard University
Vesicle Transport into Dendritic Spines and the Lubricated Immersed Boundary Method 
Prof Vilmos Komornik
University of Strasbourg (France)
Topological and Fractal Properties of Non-integer Base Expansions 
Prof Jean-Michel Coron
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
Small-time Global Controllability of the Navier-Stokes Equation with the Navier Slip Boundary Conditions
Prof Alexey Kuznetsov
York University
The hitchhiker's guide to Levy processes 
Prof Sujit K Ghosh
North Carolina State University and SAMSI
Nonparametric Models for Gaussian Processes with Applications to Spatial and Longitudinal Data 
Prof Philip Maini
Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology
University of Oxford
Modelling Collective Cell Movement
Dr Saed Alsayigh
Candidate's Talk
Provable Secure PAKE Based on RLWE 
Dr Seungki Kim
Korea Institute of Advanced Study
A study of lattice reduction algorithm
Fiona Knoll
Clemson University
Candidate's Talk
Precise Dimensions that Guarantee a Transformation that Preserves the Euclidean Distance 
Prof Jan Wehr
University of Arizona
Time Scale Interaction in Diffusive Systems - Experiment and Mathematics 
Prof Elizabeth Strouse
University of Bordeaux, France
Special matrices and measures, Eigenvalues, and integrals 
Prof Jan Rosinski
University of Tennessee - Knoxville
On the interlinks between Gaussian and Poissonian infinitely divisible processes 

Prof Edward L Boone
Virginia Commonwealth University,
Richmond, VA

Determining Tolerable Dosage Regions with Synergistic and Inhibitory Effects

Pre 2016
Speaker & Affiliation Topic of Talk

Prof Persi Diaconis

Stanford University

On Adding a List of Numbers (and Other Determinantal Point Process) 
Andrey Dovzhenok
Indiana University -
Purdue University at Indianapolis
Bistability and Hysteresis at the Depolarization Block in Neurons: A Modeling Study 
Prof Daniel Forger
University of Michigan
Jetlag: Optimal Light Treatments for Re-entrainment in Minimum Time 
Prof Andrew Lorent
University of Cincinnati
Functions whose symmetric part of gradient agree, the Beltrami equation and Stoilow factorization 
Prof David Swigon
University of Pittsburgh
Biological Implications of DNA Topology and Elasticity 
Prof Gunther Uhlmann
University of Washington
Inside-Out: Inverse Problems

Prof Jeremy Tyson
University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign

Distortion of dimension by Sobolev and quasiconformal mappings 

Prof Renming Song
University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign

Potential Theory of Subordinate Brownian Motions 

Prof Nikolaos Tzirakis
University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign

The initial and boundary value problem for the cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation 

Prof Peter J Sternberg
Indiana University

A degenerate isoperimetric problem leading to traveling waves for a Hamiltonian system 

Prof Marc G Genton
King Abdullah University of
Science and Technology

Tukey g-and-h Random Fields 

Prof Ying Sun
King Abdullah University of
Science and Technology

Approximating Likelihoods for Large Environmental Datasets