Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

About the Minor

The Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) minor consists of core courses offered primarily by WGSS and some elective courses offered by other departments across the university. Because of the interdisciplinary structure of the WGSS minor, students can easily pursue this minor with any other major without having to take additional credits or increasing time to degree. Students often minor in WGSS to apply their insights on gender and sexuality to another field and to gain an additional credential that serves them well for graduate and professional work.

Many upper-level undergraduate courses allow students the unique opportunity to work as peers with WGSS graduate students and offered by caring faculty committed scholars and teachers. In addition to the undergraduate program, WGSS offers a Master of Arts degree, and an MA/JD joint degree with the College of Law.

With the help of the WGSS Undergraduate Director, students are encouraged to choose appropriate internship placements, for which they can receive academic credit. Students have chosen placements at various local agencies, including Planned Parenthood, Women Helping Women, UC Women's Center, and the YWCA. A WGSS Undergraduate Director and/or advisor will also assist students who would like to participate in internships and need assistance choosing a site. In addition, WGSS's community support organization, the Friends of Women's Studies, provides programming, professional networking, and other opportunities for interacting with community members interested in women's, gender, and sexuality studies.

Minor Curriculum Description

Students interested in minoring in WGSS should declare their minor here and schedule and advising session with the Undergraduate Director:

Prof. Carolyn Peterson


French Hall West 3316