The UC Math Department Colloquia will most frequently be held on Thursdays at 4 pm unless otherwise noted. All information about coming colloquia can be found in the "Title" column below including date, room, building, and the speaker's abstract in .pdf format.

Refreshments are served 3:15 - 3:45 pm, unless otherwise noted. This is an opportunity to meet the speaker in a casual setting. These events are free and open to students and the general public. There are no colloquia scheduled in the summer semesters.

Past Colloquia

Upcoming Colloquia
Speaker & Affiliation
Emma Jingfei Zhang
Emory University
Network response regressions with applications in neuroimaging September 21, 2023
Adrian Lam
The Ohio State University
The nonlocal selection of spreading speed in shifting environments September 28, 2023
Dongjun Chung
The Ohio State University
TBD November 28, 2023