PhD Program Application


Fall 2023 Admissions Cycle
Type of Admission Deadline
Individuals Seeking Admission and
Departmental Financial Aid
January 6, 2023*
Individuals Not Seeking Departmental Financial Aid March 1, 2023

The GRE General Test has been waived for the Fall 2023 admissions cycle.

*The Awards and Admissions Committee will consider applications after this deadline as space is available. Regardless of financial aid need, it is in your best interest to apply early.

Admission Requirements

All applications are given careful and individual review. In some cases, students who do not meet the required GPAs and GRE scores may be admitted.

     ►MFA or MA in English from an accredited university or college.
     ►Minimum undergraduate GPA: 3.75
     ►GRE® General Test, Recommended minimum verbal score: 160

Application Requirements

Step (1): Online Application Submission

All Graduate programs at the University of Cincinnati require an online application.

               ►Click here to locate information on applying to the
                  Graduate School.
               ►Click here to go directly to the Graduate School
                  online application.
You will be required to submit the following materials as part of the Online Application:
     (1) Letter of Intent: state academic goals and professional objective, recommended length one to two pages
     (2) Curriculum Vitae
     (3) Writing samples (combine all samples into one document):

           ► Literature Track:
                   ► Critical writing sample consisting of a literary
                      analysis or research paper totaling 20 pages

           ►Creative Writing Track:
                   ►Creative writing sample (15-20 pages) - a chapter of
                       a novel, a short story or stories, or pages of poetry or creative nonfiction. 
                   ►Critical writing sample - a literary analysis or a
                      research paper totaling 10-15 pages

            ►Rhetoric and Composition Track:
                   ► Critical writing sample: pedagogical and/or rhetorical
                        analysis, research paper, or literary analysis totaling 15-20 pages

Note: The English Department does not consider the "optional" video submission that is offered as
part of the Graduate School's application process.

Step (2): Required Supplementary Materials

(1) Three letters of recommendation (no form required): Recommenders will submit letters through the Online Application system.
(2) Unofficial Transcripts from all universities and/or colleges attended. These can be uploaded during your online application completion. Unofficial transcripts can take many forms, including a list of courses/grades from a previous academic institution's student portal, a copy of an official transcript, a picture of a transcript, or any other listing depicting your academic career.
Please note that although unofficial transcripts are highly recommended for the application, official transcripts will be required if admission is offered and you accept. In addition, official transcripts must be in final form (listing any degrees conferred). Official transcripts can be submitted as early as the day you accept admission and as late as the beginning of your first term of enrollment.
(3) GRE General Test Scores: Must be reported directly from GRE to the University of Cincinnati.
(4) Proof of English Proficiency is required of all applicants whose native
     language is not English.

Submit Transcripts To:  (only if submitting official transcripts, unofficial transcripts are recommended for applications)

Graduate School at the University of Cincinnati
110 Van Wormer Hall PO Box 210627
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0627