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Service Learning

Service Learning is a specially designed learning experience in which students combine and/or apply what they have learned in the classroom to a community-based project. By participating in a service learning course, you will develop a more integrated approach to understanding the relationship between theory, practice, ideas, values, and community.

These experiences are closely supervised by faculty and require service to a community partner. Although every service learning class operates differently, they all operate under one goal, which is to create a "real-world" experience that will give students a taste of what it takes to consolidate and apply knowledge. Throughout the course, students have opportunities to reflect on their experiences through writing assignments and/or presentations. Below are lists of service learning courses available in Organizational Leadership.

Organizational Leadership

15ORGL451: Research Methods
Students work individually or in groups to identify a research problem at their workplace (or in an organization that will allow access). They choose the appropriate research strategy to study the problem, develop valid data collection instruments, collect and analyze the data, draw valid conclusions, and present their findings to the class and (in some instances) the organization.

15ORGL502: Lessons in Leadership
Students work individually or in groups to identify a leader in the community who has demonstrated a track record of success in a field they wish to explore. Students conduct a detailed interview with this leader to learn about his or her personal and professional background. Using this information, students write a short paper describing the lessons in leadership they extract from the interviewee's experiences and advice.