Majors/second majors who do well in their first two years of math at UC can seek a supervised internship with an approved employer for elective credit. What follows spells out the details of applying for and receiving credit via MATH4098. For a list of approved employers contact our college internship liaison person, Marla Hall.

  • MATH4098: 1-4 UG CR

Pre-requisite: Completion of both Linear Algebra (MATH2076) and Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (MATH3001) with at least a 3.0 math GPA.

Practical work-related experience in a supervised internship where job responsibilities involve statistical or mathematical reasoning or computation. For math and cross-college math majors. Credit to be awarded varies and depends on work experience. Credit does not count toward the 42 (BA) or 48 (BS) necessary for the major.

  1. The student must apply to and be accepted by an approved employer. The employer must have someone designated to supervise the student's work for at least 8-hours per week over at least a 10-week period.

  2. The internship must be coordinated with a Mathematical Sciences Faculty member. This must include meetings with the faculty member to discuss expectations on the part of all participants. Upon completion of the internship, the faculty member will assign a grade, either S, for satisfactory, or U for unsatisfactory. The grade will be based on hours of work completed, related assignments, and employer evaluation.

  3. After arranging for the internship with the employer, the student must make a formal application to the Undergraduate Program Director who must give final approval.