Applied Mathematics

A wide variety of research in applied mathematics, much of it interdisciplinary, is conducted at UC. Topics include biofluids, systems biology, fluid dynamics, biomechanics, social networks, disease spread, finance and cryptography. Research techniques include scientific computation, mathematical modeling, numerical methods and analysis as well as dynamical systems.


  • Bilman, Deniz: Numerical Inverse-Scattering Transform Methods.
  • Buckingham, Robert: Asymptotics, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, Nonlinear Wave Equations, Probability
  • French, Don (Emeritus): Numerical Analysis and Methods, Applied Mathematics, Fluid Dynamics, Social Networks and Neuroscience.
  • Kim, Seungki: Cryptography, Lattice Problems and related topics in Number Theory, and Homogeneous Dynamics.
  • Lim, Sookkyung: Mathematical Biology, Biofluids, Mathematical Modeling, Scientific Computing, Dynamical Systems, Systems Biology.
  • Pelikan, Stephan: Biomathematics, Population Genetics and Structure.
  • Vaughan, Benjamin: Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Biofluids, Biomechanics, Numerical Analysis, Moving Interfaces, Pattern Formation, CFD, Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Problems, Finite Element Methods, Finite Difference Methods.
  • Xiao, Yanyu: •   Mathematical Epidemiology and Ecology, Applied Dynamical Systems.
  • Yen, Ju-Yi: Mathematical Finance, Probability, Stochastic Processes.

Affiliated Faculty 

  • Hong, Chris (Pharmacology & Systems Physiology, UC): Circadian Rhythms, Mathematical Modeling.