Major in Biochemistry

Major Details

The bachelor of arts (BA) degree in chemistry with a concentration in biological chemistry is ideal for students seeking a strong foundation in chemistry and biochemistry, with sufficient flexibility and free electives in their program to pursue career paths outside of chemistry. Students planning to go to medical or pharmacy school, forensics or high school chemistry teaching and some chemical technician positions will find this program very attractive. The mathematics and physics requirements of this degree program are identical to those required by most medical schools. Either one semester of undergraduate research or biochemistry research is required by this degree program. The BA program in chemistry with a concentration in biological chemistry is designed to be completed in four years by students who enter the program as freshmen. If a student selects an academic internship during the undergraduate years, this will extend the time to five years.

A&S's flexible degree requirements support multiple areas of study. Free electives allow for enough credits for students to pursue a minor, certificate program or even complete a second major. Some of the most common pairings are listed below.

  • Foreign languages
  • Biological sciences
  • Mathematical sciences



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