Autumn Quarter 2004 Seminar Schedule
Date Speaker(s)
Oct 4 Dr. Allison Roy
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Cincinnati, OH

"Can Riparian Forests Mediate Impacts of Urbanization on Stream Fish Assemblages?"

Host lab: Maurer
Oct 11 Dr. James Forney
Department of Biochemistry
Purdue University

"Developmentally Regulated DNA Elimination in Paramecium tetraurelia"

Host lab: Meyer
Oct 18 Dr. Bruce Patterson
Department of Zoology
The Field Museum, Chicago

"The Lions of Tsavo: Manes, Man-Eating, and Other Myths About Lions"

Host lab: Cameron
Oct 25 Dr. Susan Kephart
Department of Biology
Willamette University

"Plant-pollinator Interactions: Determinants of Rarity and Restoration in Fragmented Habitats"

Host lab: Culley
Nov 1 Dr. Gary Belovsky
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Notre Dame

"From Physiology to Ecosystems: How Species Influence Ecosystem Function"

Host lab: Cameron
Nov 8 Dr. Artyom Kopp
Section of Evolution & Ecology, Center for Genetics & Development
University of California, Davis

"Evolution in Black and White: Development and Evolution of Pigmentation in Drosophila"

Host lab: Polak
Nov 15 Dr. Victor Soukup
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Cincinnati

"Taros to Cobra Lilies: Some New Insights to the Taxonomy of Araceae"

Host lab: Culley
Nov 29 Radiation Safety (Re-) Training
Winter Quarter 2005 Seminar Schedule
Date Speaker(s)
Jan 10 Dr. Gary E. Shull
Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati

"Gene Targeting Studies of Ca2+-Transporting ATPases"

Host lab: Erway
Jan 17 MLK Holiday
Jan 24 Cancelled
Jan 31 Dr. Stephen Madigosky
Department of Biology
Widener University

"Physical and Biological Interactions within a Lowland Rainforest Environment, Iquitos, Peru"

Host lab: Buschbeck
Feb 7 Dr. Colin Allen
Joint Colloquium co-sponsored with Philosophy
Department of History & Philosophy of Science
Indiana University

"Deciphering Animal Pain"

Host lab: German
Feb 14 Dr. Donald Geiger Department of Biology
University of Dayton

"Rational Design of Control of Amur Bush Honeysuckle Based on Phenology and Physiology"

Host lab: Conover
Feb 21 Verna Arnette
Water Quality and Treatment Division
Greater Cincinnati Water Works

"The Future of Water Quality and Treatment Issues"

Host lab: Kaneshiro
Feb 28 Dr. Thomas Cleland CANCELLED (due to illness)
Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
Cornell University

"Odor Sizes and Shapes: Representing High-Dimensional Stimuli in the Nervous System"

Host lab: Buschbeck
March 1 Dr. Kim Peterson Special Tuesday Seminar at 2pm co-sponsored with Geology, Braunstein 201 [note change of location] University of Alaska - Anchorage

"An Introduction to Complex Systems"
March 7 Cancelled
March 9 Dr. Max Rietkerk Special Wednesday Seminar at 4pm co-sponsored with EPA
Department of Environmental Sciences
Utrecht University

"Spatial Self-Organization and Catastrophic Shifts in Ecosystems"

Host lab: Cameron
Spring Quarter 2005 Seminar Schedule
Date Speaker(s)
April 4 Open
April 11 Dr. Michael A. Riley
Department of Psychology and Program in Brain & Mind Studies
University of Cincinnati

"Variability and Determinism in Human Motor Behavior"

Host lab: German
April 18 Dr. George B. Witman
Professor of Cell Biology
George F. Booth Chair in the Basic Sciences
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Cornell University

"A Tale of Two Tails: How Basic Research on the Chlamydomonas Flagellum is Leading to New Insights into Human Disease"

Host lab: Kaneshiro
April 25 Dr. Robert DeSalle
American Museum of Natural History, New York

title to be announced

Host lab: Polak
May 2 Open
May 9 Open
May 16 Open
May 20 Dr. Marly Eidsness Special Friday Colloquium co-sponsored with Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Georgia

title to be announced

Hosted by: Department of Chemistry
May 23 Dr. Robert Scott Joint Colloquium co-sponsored with Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Georgia

"Archaeal Transcription Initiation and Regulation. A Molecular View"

Host lab: Tepperman
May 30 Memorial Day Holiday

Other Seminars