Spring Quarter 2003 Seminars
Date Speaker(s)
April 7 Dr. Doug Meikle (Department of Zoology, Miami University)

"Is There Adaptive Adjustment of the Offspring Sex Ratio by Female Mammals?"

Host lab: Cameron
April 11 Dr. Marc Bekoff (Environmental, Population & Organismic Biology Department, Environmental Biology Section, University of Colorado at Boulder)

"Minding Animals, Minding Manners, and the Evolution of Social Morality: Fairness, Trust, and Social Play"

9:00 - 10:30 AM, Annie Laws Drawing Room, 409 Teachers College
Host lab: Skipper (Philosophy) and Cameron (Biology)
April 21 Dr. Joseph F. Merritt (Powdermill Biological Station, Carnegie Museum of Natural History)

"Life in the Cold: There's no Business like Shrew Business"
Host lab: Cameron
April 28 Dr. Miriam Zelditch (Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan)

"How Can Developmental Constraints Increase Morphological Diversity?"

Host lab: German
May 5 Dr. Brian K. Kinkle (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati)

"Ecology of Mycobacterium"
May 12 Dr. John Jaenike (Department of Biology, University of Rochester)

"Male-Killing Wolbachia in Drosophila innubila"

Host lab: Polak
May 19 Dr. Bruce C. Jayne (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati)

"Comparative Feeding Behavior of Crustacean-Eating Snakes of Southeast Asia"
May 26 Memorial Day Holiday
June 2 Dr. Daniel B. Oerther (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati)

"Molecular Microbial Ecology of Sewage Treatment: Identification, Diversity, and Modeling"

Host lab: Kinkle

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