Bruce Jayne

Cycling Physiology & Biomechanics

Useful links

  • - Explanation of training zones
  • - Explanation of training zones and the training effects from different training intensities and a host of other info providing recommendations for training of cyclists
  • Analytic Cycling - Online calculators for power required for riders of a particular weight, going different speeds on different inclines, etc
  • - See ratings for how good your resting heart rate and VO2 max are compared to the general population. For the VO2 max calculator enter your age and sex, and then fiddle around with entering different treadmill times until the value of VO2 max displayed is the same as that obtained in your test. The percentile ranking (% of population that is lower than you) in the score box will give you a good idea of how extraordinary (or ordinary) your values are.
  • The Methods and Mechanisms Underlying Performance - Summaries of the exercise physiology related to VO2max, lactate threshold, the effects of aging, etc.
  • TRI-IHP - interpreting VO2 max and lactate threshold and some sample values of VO2 max from world-class endurance athletes.
  • PezCycling News - columns on training and race preparation.
  • - columns on training and race preparation.
  • Cincinnati area coaching consultations, training plans and clinics: O'Brien Forbes web site coming soon. Email:

Recommended Books on Training and Interpreting Power

  • Allen, H. and Coggan, A. (2006). Training and Racing with a Power Meter. Boulder Colorado: Velopress. 231 pp. Friel, J. (1996). The Cyclist's Training Bible. Boulder Colorado: Velopress. 265 pp.