Bruce Jayne

Directions to the Physiology & Biomechanics Lab

The physiology lab (new January 2014) is located in room 638 (6th floor) in Rieveschl Hall at the University of Cincinnati. When I am performing tests in the lab, I will have my cell phone (513 504-0236) on so you can reach me if you need to when you are in transit (and perhaps lost or locked out). The lab is in the northeast corner of the building, and if you take the elevator up to the 6th floor, the entrance to the lab is only slightly to the left opposite the doors to the elevators.

During academic breaks, in the evening and certain hours on weekends, some of the outer doors to Rieveschl Hall may be locked or the elevator in the Clifton court garage may require key card access. If this occurs, I recommend walking up to the southeast corner of 6th floor the building that is directly above where where the overhead pedestrian walkway connects Rieveschl Hall to the Langsam Library at the edge of the plaza that is on top of Zimmer auditorium. If this door is not open, then call my cell phone and we will send somebody to meet you and let you in at this entrance.

If you have not arrived on time, then we will attempt to call you on your cell phone to track you down. We can not always get a reliable cell phone signal up in the lab where we are conducting tests. Thus, we will also periodically check the 6th floor southeast doors to see if anybody is there.

See this link for driving directions to the UC "uptown west" campus.

Click here for more visitor information and a map to our location on "west" campus.


The south side of Martin Luther King Drive (MLK) has metered spaces, and the north side of the MLK east of Clifton Avenue has some unmetered spaces. For this street parking I do NOT recommend leaving your bike untended in a bike rack on your vehicle.  For a fee you can park in a variety of garages on campus (parking meters etc. are strictly enforced in our area), but the two that are most convenient are the Clifton Court garage (which is directly beneath Rieveschl Hall) and the Woodside garage (which is beneath Langsam Library).  Clifton Court is a small street on campus that is just south of Martin Luther King Drive on the east side of Clifton Avenue, and it runs along the oddly shaped and multi-colored DAAP building.  Just follow this street east, downhill, and bear to the left where an entrance to the garage has a machine that dispenses tickets for cash parking.  The elevator up to Rieveschl Hall is located in the east end of this garage a goes directly up to the sixth floor of this building. You can access the Woodside garage from Martin Luther King drive by truning south onto Campus Green Drive, which is near the bottom of a hill opposite the entrance to Burnett woods.  If you have parked in the Woodside garage, I suggest taking its elevator up to the 5th floor and then walking west along a balcony and and on a pedestrian bridge that connects directly to the southeast corner of the 5th floor of Rieveschl Hall.