Tolley International Human Rights Scholarship

Scholarship Announcement

Purpose: To support a human rights service project, work experience, research or study abroad of no less than two weeks outside the United States and Canada.

Award: $2,500 Maximum

Application Deadline: February 1, by 5 pm.

Eligibility: Current full time UC undergraduate student with a 2.7 or higher GPA (scale of 4.0) with zero UC balance (no delinquent obligations). Applications will be evaluated based on the merit of the proposal, the student's record, and financial need. Preference to:

  • Candidates for the International Human Rights Certificate;
  • Undergraduate A&S Majors in International Affairs and Political Science;
  • Students raised in the Cincinnati area with no prior travel abroad experience;

Additional Support

  • For projects resulting in the award of academic credit, applicants should also apply for a UC International Program Grant
  • Applicants from A&S Taft Departments should also seek an undergraduate enrichment award.
  • For information regarding A&S awards such as the William and Shirley Merke Study Abroad Fund visit the A&S scholarship page. Many awards and scholarships are awarded on a departmental basis. Program undergraduate directors can provide information on specific awards.

Applicants for the Human Rights Scholarship must report all other grants and scholarships received for the project to the IHRC Program Director upon receipt of award notification.

Report Within 30 days of return to the U.S., the student must submit a report of two or more pages to the IHRC Project Director highlighting the importance of the trip to your education as well as noting what will you give back to the University based on your international experience.

Questions? Contact Professor Laura Dudley Jenkins, 1114 Crosley Tower,

Scholarship Application

Contact your UC Academic Advisor, faculty project advisor, or Program Director with a draft proposal and discuss the details. Obtain that faculty member's signed approval on the final application that should include the following:

Cover Page/Letter

  1. Project Title
  2. Name, phone, email, and UC ID
  3. Date of birth
  4. GPA
  5. College, Projected graduation date, Academic Major, and certificate program(s)
  6. If enrolled in International Human Rights Certificate Program, list IHRC courses you have completed or are currently taking
  7. List prior travel experience(s) outside the US in your lifetime
  8. Country destination
  9. Departure and return dates
  10. Signed approval and printed name, phone and email of UC Academic Advisor, faculty project mentor, or Program Director.

Narrative and Budget (Include applicant name and project title as page header)

  1. Detailed Statement of purpose explaining the project. (250-300 words). Provide the reviewing committee a brief introduction of yourself and the proposed experience. State the overseas city, university and program provider (where applicable) you have selected. If study abroad, indicate proposed coursework.
  2. Rationale: What are your goals for participating in this particular program in this location? How specifically does it fit into your academic plan?
  3. Detailed Budget and justification. Breakdown the total cost of the program for items such as: Airfare, Ground Transportation, Lodging/Rent, Food, Tuition, books, Visas, Other


  1. Full Transcript, Grade Report, or Degree Progress Audit
  2. Curriculum vitae/resume
  3. Copy of applications for other scholarships or grants to support the project and notice of any awards made

Submit application to or to the office (room 1114, Crosley Tower) or mailbox (in room 1106, Crosley Tower) of Professor Laura Jenkins in the School of Public and International Affairs.

Scholarship Contributions

The Tolley International Human Rights Scholarship will provide annual undergraduate scholarships for a service project, work experience, research, or study abroad program outside North America. Tax deductible contributions for the scholarship fund can be made online or by mail to UC Foundation-A&S Development, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Cincinnati, PO Box 210367, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0367.

A Legacy of Teaching, Scholarship and Service

During his 27 years at UC Professor Tolley with a PhD from Columbia and a UC law J.D. offered a dozen different public law classes in the American and International sub-fields -- from US Constitutional Law to International Organization. After joining the faculty in 1984 he served as undergraduate program director, acting school head, academic adviser for pre-law students and international affairs majors, and organization adviser for the Political Science Student Association/Model UN team, Amnesty International, and UUs at UC. In recognition, he was awarded the 2005 Barbour Award for service in student faculty relations, was named 2007 student organization advisor of the year and received the 2010 UC Faculty Award for Exemplary Contributions in Service (accompanying tribute available online.) His first book, Children and War, was recognized by American Scholar as one of the foremost university press books of 1973-74, and his monographs on the UN Commission on Human Rights and International Commission of Jurists were well reviewed.