Taft Lectures

The Charles P. Taft Memorial Fund sponsors a program of public lectures each year, including one or more in mathematics. These lectures feature prominent mathematicians speaking on recent important developments in their field. Taft Lectures are aimed at a fairly general audience. Taft Lecturers sometimes also give a seminar talk which includes more specialized material. The name of each lecture under "Topic of Talk" below is a link to detailed information, including the date of each talk, the location, and the abstract. The Taft Lectures are free and open to the public.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Taft Research Center welcome: 

Dr. David Chopp

Professor of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Northwestern University

Thursday, November 10th 2022

Swift Hall Room 800 3:45-4:45pm 

Title: Modeling bacterial biofilms using the level set method

Dr. David Chopp

Level set methods have developed into a powerful tool for computing solutions to moving interface problems of all types. In this talk, I will give a brief introduction to the level set method followed by a few examples of how it has been applied to simulating bacterial biofilm models including cell-to-cell signaling by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, microbial fuel cells using Geobacter sulferreducens, and coordination of nutrient utilization by Bacillus subtilis biofilms. I will focus on how the level set method is used for each of these models as well as discuss the unique biological insights we were able to gain by utilizing the mathematical models. 


PDF flyer can be found here.