Departmental Advising

After Freshman year, all questions about departmental requirements should be discussed with the Biology department advisor rather than the college advisor. All students are required to consult a departmental advisor in the semester before they expect to graduate.

Advisors are assigned based on the first letter of your last name. Dr. Griff (A-G), Dr. Mosley (H-N) and Mary Fox (O-Z) handle advising duties within the department. If you have already been meeting with another biology adviser, you are welcome to continue with that adviser. You may contact advisers at:

Dr. Edwin Griff

Dr. Edwin Griff (last names beginning A-G)
Director of Biology Honors Program
Associate Professor
721A Rieveschl Hall

Dr. LaSharon Mosley

Dr. LaSharon Mosley  (Last names beginning H-N)
Assistant Professor Educator
613D Rieveschl Hall


Mary Fox

Mary Fox (last name beginning O-Z)
Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Studies
603A Rieveschl Hall

Dr. Dan Buchholz

Daniel R Buchholz (research advising)
Director of Undergraduate Research
Associate Professor
711A Rieveschl Hall