Research Opportunities

General Information

  • The Department of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Program provides an opportunity for students to conduct research with Biological Sciences faculty or with outside faculty whose research is relevant to the biological sciences.
  • All undergraduates are eligible, but faculty may prefer students that have completed two years of coursework.
  • You may ask any faculty member if they have a research project available. Students are turned down for many reasons besides their qualifications, so be prepared to search, and you may want to check with the same faculty again later. Also look at the informational sheet with tips for contacting advisors.
  • If you are not familiar the research interests of Biological Sciences faculty, our faculty contact page has brief descriptions of research interests and links to more information. The list of faculty publications is a good place to see which areas of research are currently most active.
  • Many faculty outside our department conduct biological research and may serve as your advisor. AFTER you have selected an advisor who is NOT in the Department of Biological Sciences, you must complete an online application form notifying the Director of Undergraduate Research of your intent to do research. The form must be updated each term. For help finding an external advisor (for instance at the UC medical school or the VA or Children's hospitals) consult the links to external research.
  • Students are permitted to use research to fulfill multiple requirements. For instance, an oral presentation at the Spring Undergraduate Symposium may fulfill elective, capstone and honors requirements. However, students cannot be paid and receive credit for the same hours of research.
  • If you do not find the information you need on this website, email Dr. Joshua Benoit ( with your question, or to arrange a time for an appointment.