What is the Digital Media Collaborative?

UC has a long history of training some of the finest media artists and professionals in the business. The purpose of the NEW Digital Media Collaborative (DMC) is to leverage the strong foundation of our nationally ranked programs, our urban and thriving location, and our partnerships with film and media organizations in Cincinnati and across the globe. 

“All the elements are here. My job is to bring these elements together and structure something new to academia: an interdisciplinary collaborative that is a combination of multiple existing programs. It’s kind of like how the film and television industry works if you think about it. That is a truly collaborative medium. So students are thrust into this same type of environment in the DMC from day one. It’s no wonder they have been making waves in the film industry.” ~Matt Irvine, Director of the DMC

The DMC is a partnership formed with the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S), the College Conservatory of Music (CCM), the College of Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning (DAAP), and the UC Libraries.


Photo by Ufer Wolfberger for The New York Times 

New York Times called UC’s physical campus "Cincinnati Starchitecture," and, it is true that our campus is an architectural wonderland, including our media and design facilities. BUT… we’d like to extend that phrase to include our star alumni, faculty, staff, and partners – these people are truly the cornerstone of our success. We were in on the media action from the very beginning, launching the first collegiate broadcast department in the country in the 1930’s. We broke ground then, and we haven’t stopped, now offering students opportunities to learn about augmented reality, virtual reality, animation, game design, and much more! 


Photo taken during an augmented reality exhibition at #sofaexpo in Chicago led by DAAP professor Ming Tang. RA, LEED

Student Opportunities


Matt Irvine, Director of the DMC, helps students with their film project.

There were 10 major motion films made in Cincinnati in 2016, and our students were right in the middle of the action. Over fifteen students interned on the film “Killing of a Scared Deer,” a film by award winning filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. Recent graduates of the program served in numerous paid positions on the set. 

 “I have never worked in a city that had so many set opportunities for film students. The head of the film commission, Kristen Schlotman, is a powerhouse who deserves applause for the incredible job she has done of turning this city into one of the nation’s top destinations for film production. We have freshmen students in our program who are already working on their second feature, and they have only been in school for ten weeks. This is unprecedented.” ~Kristyn Jo Benedyk, DMC Faculty  

DMC students interned not only on the set in these films, but also in the production office, the art department, the costume department, the camera department, and because of the program’s unique interdisciplinary nature, even computer science students worked as interns on a science fiction film!

“I cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with students at the University of Cincinnati. The interns that worked on our production had a direct impact on our film and that’s something that you just cannot replicate in every city you shoot in.” Will Greenfield, Producer (Loving, Killing of a Sacred Deer, Chef)

Of course we also offer opportunities outside of Cincinnati, including an internship in Los Angeles, study abroad trips to London, Paris, and other locations, and more! For more information, click here.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about the DMC and our programs, please contact the Director of the DMC, Matt Irvine, or Professor Kristyn Benedyk.

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