4+1 Requirements

Required Courses for 4+1 Students

(One-year, fast-track MA opportunity for qualified WGSS majors at UC)

4+1 Graduate Year

In order to receive the 25% tuition remission for full-time 4+1 students, must take 9 credits each semester, so should take the maximum number of credits available in WGSS courses with variable credit (e.g., MA Project and Oral Exam courses in Spring semester). If pursuing without tuition remission, can take the minimum number of credits in such courses. 4+1 students cannot take a WGSS graduate elective that is a graduate version of an undergraduate course already taken for the major, and must consult the WGSS Graduate Director for course selection advising for each semester. Undergraduate UC WGSS majors wishing to apply to this program must see the WGSS Undergraduate and Graduate Directors by the end of their junior year.

Fall 2020

  • WGS 7012 Feminist Theory: Foundations (4 cr.)
  • WGS 8000 Feminist Research and Methods (4 cr. for MA Project proposal/development)

One of following:

  • WGS 7013 Feminist Theory: Race/Class/Sexuality/Nation (4 cr.)
  • WGS 7014 Feminist Theory: Contemporary Issues (4 cr.)
  • WGS 7015 Feminist Theory: Transnational (4 cr.)

Spring 2021

  • WGS 8011 Individual Directed Research II (1-3 cr. for MA Project completion, depending on funding based on full-time status)
  • WGS 8020 Comprehensive Analysis (3-4 cr. for MA Oral Exam, depending on credit amount needed)
  • One WGSS Department-offered graduate elective (3 cr.)

Total Graduate Credits for 4+1: 19 semester credits minimum

Special note germane to all UC WGSS graduate programs

Only 9 semester credits (or 15 quarter credits) can be transferred from one program into another for advanced graduate standing (whether from outside UC or within it). This means that students who wish to shift from the Graduate Certificate to the MA or the MA to the Graduate Certificate must do so (by withdrawing from one and applying to the other) before they accrue more than 9 WGS semester credits (or 15 quarter credits). This also means that students who are taking WGS courses at UC (or at another institution) but have not yet applied for either the MA or the Graduate Certificate at UC should submit an application before they accrue more than 9 WGS semester credits (or 15 quarter credits) as only this amount will transfer. Failure to apply and be admitted into the desired UC WGSS program in a timely fashion can result in having to take more courses or even repeat courses over again. Students must also avoid "double-counting" required credits for separate degree programs (as in the case of dual degree MA/PhD programs), unless enabled by a joint degree arrangement (as in the case of the MA/JD). This can be avoided through advisement by the program directors involved.