Graduate Programs

Although the University of Cincinnati does not offer an MA or PhD degree program in International Affairs, undergraduate International Affairs majors have the opportunity to earn the MA in Political Science as a natural extension of their course work. The MA degree could enhance job prospects in government service, admission to law school, and recruitment to public policy positions in government or private industry. Students with the MA degree enter civil service positions at a significantly higher grade-level than those with only a BA degree.

International Affairs majors have two options for earning an MA in Political Science at the University of Cincinnati. First, there is the regular two-year MA program open to students who have earned their BA at another university. Second, there is a five-year program ("four plus one") in which the MA can be completed with one additional year beyond the senior year. This BA + MA program allows students who have elective hours in their senior year to begin taking graduate classes at that time. After earning the BA degree, students will be formally admitted to the Graduate School and continue their graduate coursework. Students who are able to complete two to three graduate courses in their senior year should be able to complete their MA degree in one additional year.

Application Information

Please visit the Political Science Web site forĀ application information.