Charles Phelps Taft Research Center Funding

Taft Undergraduate Senior Research Fellowship

The Taft Research Center's Undergraduate Senior Research Fellow Award recognizes superior undergraduate student achievement in the completion of a substantial independent research project that culminates in the writing of a thesis or expository work and its presentation in an academic setting. The broad purpose of the award is to increase the incentive for undergraduates to engage in substantial and creative independent research, so that their intellectual engagement with their discipline is significant. In the ideal, the award creates a specific research opportunity that will position the Fellow for post-baccalaureate education and/or a research or creative writing career. Through promotion of this Undergraduate Senior Research Fellow experience, the Taft Research Center seeks to meet directly its objective of encouraging the promotion of the next generation of thinkers dedicated to Taft disciplines. Upon completion, each Fellow's work will be housed at the Taft Research Center's library. The award is $3,500. For more information about this fellowship go to: Also, contact the director of undergraduate studies to learn more about how to apply.

Taft Undergraduate Enrichment Awards

Sociology is one of 12 A&S departments eligible for support from the Charles Phelps Taft Memorial Fund. Taft Undergraduate Enrichment Awards provide support for students in Taft departments to "undertake projects that will enhance their educational experiences in their major field" (e.g., travel to a library or conference; organized field trips; research project expenses). Maximum awards are $2,000.

Application deadlines, guidelines and application forms are available at the following web-site: