UC International Student Grants

Overseas Study

At some time during their undergraduate career, students may wish to engage in a program of study conducted overseas. In order to maximize the number of hours that transfer to one's major, any program of overseas study should be developed in consultation with the department's director of undergraduate studies. Credit toward the major will depend in part on the proposed course content, language of instruction, and the student's fluency in that language. The department does not administer any overseas programs. Information about overseas programs is available through college offices in 102 McMicken.

Grants for Study Abroad

Globalization Grants up to $500 are available to qualified students to support study abroad or other travel and independent study that involves academic credit. UC International typically holds open proposal workshops for potential applications in 7148 One Edwards Center four times a year on announced dates in October, January, March and June. Proposal deadlines for grants are announced annually and typically occur in January, April, July, and October. For more specific information, please contact UC International (7148 One Edwards Center) at 513-556-4278 or, by  visiting their web-site at https://uc.edu/international. The UC International web-site also provides information on other student grants and opportunities to study abroad (summer, semester and year-long programs, as well as study tours during semester breaks).