Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Medical humanities lie at the intersection of human experience, medical practice and scientific technology. It refers to the interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary application of the humanities and social sciences to health education and its practice. It provides insight into the human condition, suffering, personhood and our responsibility to each other. It also helps us understand how bioscience and health care take place within cultural and social contexts and how culture interacts with the individual experience of illness and the way medicine is practiced.


Admission Requirements

Students already pursuing a degree in any college at UC can add the certificate to their program. Be sure to submit a declaration of the certificate program using our online form.

In addition, you must meet with the program director so that they are aware that you are pursuing the certificate and can advise you appropriately. Do this early enough to avoid delay in obtaining your certificate.

Students not currently pursuing a degree may declare the certificate after establishing non-matriculated status.

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1 year

Graduation Requirements

Make sure that you have declared the certificate program online. Next, make sure that the certificate program director is aware of when you are finishing the program. If you are pursuing another bachelor's degree, your certificate will be reviewed at the time that you submit your separate degree application.


The University of Cincinnati is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Student Success Factors

Students interested in a certificate in medical humanities and bioethics will develop their skills in observation, analysis, empathy and self-reflection. This certificate will help students identify, analyze, and resolve moral and social conflicts as they might arise in the care of patients. It heightens a student's sensitivity to the health care experiences of others and how those experiences are shaped by social, political and cultural circumstances.

Career Possibilities

A certificate in medical humanities and bioethics gives an edge for students interested in any aspect of the health care industry.

In today's rapidly accelerating world of scientific, technological, cultural and political transformations, the health care industry faces challenges that transcend traditional academic disciplines.

The demand for professionals who can synthesize the ethical, social and practical aspects of health care continues to grow. In our world, where advances in science and technology often outpace our ability to understand and cope with new concepts and situations, the need for deep grounding in medical humanities is particularly acute for new professionals.


Core Curriculum

This curriculum information is intended as a general information guide for students considering enrollment in this program. These online tools are designed to assist you, but are not a substitute for planning with an academic or faculty advisor.

If you are currently confirmed or enrolled, you can check your degree requirements online. If you are considering transferring to this major from another school, use u.select to see how credits you have earned will transfer to UC. See course descriptions by college.

Curriculum Guide Versions:

Medical Humanities & Bioethics Certificate Curriculum Guide

Predominant Program

  •  Medical Humanities & Bioethics Certificate Requirements
    • ANTH2079, Medical Anthropology, DC, SS, 3
    • COMM4066, Communication and Health Politics, , 3
    • PHIL3028, Bioethics , SE, HU, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, Four courses from among any of the groups below, , 12


  •  Social and Cultural Perspectives on Health
    • ANTH6055, Evolutionary Medicine and Health, , 4
    • CLAS3031, History of Medicine , DC, HU, 3
    • COMM2004, Communicating about Health, Environment, and Science, SE, HU, 3
    • ENGL3090, Literature and Medicine, SE, HU, 3
    • HIST4089, Drugs in the Americas and in Global Perspective , , 3
    • SOC2073, Drugs and Society, SE, SS, 3
    • SOC3040, Sociology of Death and Dying, SE, 3
    • SOC3090, Sociology of Health and Illness, SE, 3
  •  The Body and Women's Health
    • HIST3049, Women and Health in America, , 3
    • SOC3032, Body and Society, SE, 3
    • WGS2010, Human Sexuality, DC, SS, 3
    • WGS2065, Women and Aging, DC, SS, 3
    • WGS3000, Comparative Perspectives on 20th Century Women's Reproductive Lives, , 3
  •  Race, Class, and Healthcare
    • AFST3022, Drugs: Impact on Minority Populations, , 3
    • AFST3035, Black Health Care, , 3
    • AFST3052, Community Health and Minorities: Yeserday, Today, and Tomorrow, DC, SS, 3
    • AFST4022, Disease and Injury among Minority Populations , , 3
    • HIST3048, Race and Science in the United States, , 3
    • PHIL3022, Philosophy and Race , DC, HU, 3
  •  Bioethics
    • COMM4068, Communication of Technology and Science, , 3
    • PHIL2029, Medical Ethics, TI, HU, 3
    • PHIL3023, Science, Philosophy and Society , SE, HU, 3
    • PHIL3026, Ethics and the Family , DC, SE, 3
    • SOC2088, Science, Technology and Society, , 3
  •  Third Core Requirement
    • COMM4066, Communication and Health Politics, , 3
    • HLTH6050, Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Health Care, , 3
    • NBSN3099, Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Health Care, , 3

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