Recent Master's Graduates

Please note that those recently defended may not be available yet.

Faisal Alsanea (Summer 2017)

Michael Gutowitz (Summer 2017)

Abiola Lawal (Summer 2017)

Malik Muhammad (Summer 2017)

Amaha Sellassie (Summer 2017)

Honying Zhang (Summer 2017)

Amy Dahl (Spring 2017)

Gretchen Romelli (Spring 2017)

Chloe Connelly (Fall 2016)

Rocio Bueno Roldan (Summer 2016)

Yue Peng (Summer 2016)

Andrew Godbey (Spring 2015)

Courtney Shade (Spring 2015)

CJ Johnson (Fall 2014)

Elizabeth Nurre (Fall 2014)

Charlae Thompson (Summer 2014)

Angela Braggs-Brown (Spring 2014)
ThesisThe Effect of Race on Organ Recovery
Committee: Annulla Linders, Steve Carlton-Ford

Candace Browning (Spring 2014)

Kyle Galindez (Spring 2014)
ThesisDefend Mother Earth! and sign my Petition? Metaphors, Tactics and  Environmental Movement Organizations
Committee: Annulla Linders, Adrian Parr

David Nathan (Spring 2014)

Hannah Wireman (Spring 2014)

William Zinser (Spring 2014)
ThesisFraming Protest: News Coverage of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Movements
Committee: Annulla Linders, David Maume

Michael Rosino (Fall 2013)
ThesisDescribing the Indescribable: Interpretation, Discourse, and Social Learning Within an online Drug Community
Committee: Annulla Linders, Jennifer Malat

Darci Smith (Fall 2013)
ThesisThe Impact of Neighborhood Violent Crime on School Attendance
Committee: Maliq Matthew, Jeffrey Timberlake

Ainsley Lambert (Summer 2013)
ThesisApplying & Deciding: Students’ Perceptions of the Role of parents and Schools  in the College Enrollment Process.
Committee: Littisha Bates, Annulla Linders

Sarah Rompola (Spring 2013)
ThesisCan Fat Only be Funny? A Content Analysis of Fat Stigmatization in Mike &Molly
Committee: Erynn Casanova, Corinne Reczek

Allison Price (Spring 2013)
ThesisPlaying the Ideal: Parenthood and Presentation of Idealized Femininity in the Youth on Toddlers & Tiaras.
Committee: Erynn Casanova, Annulla Linders

Russell Spiker (2012)
ThesisFrom My Living Room to Yours: A Grounded Theory Typology of Racial Discussions on
Committee: Jennifer Malat (Chair), Annulla Linders

Marcus Vines (2012)
ThesisThe Dirty Work of Poker: Impression Management and Identity
Committee: Annulla Linders, Steve Carlton-Ford

Aaryn Green (2012)
ThesisThe Impact of Comedy on Racial and Ethnic Discourse
Committee: Annulla Linders, Jennifer Malat, Omotayo Banjo

Paul Anderson (2012)
ThesisReligious Differences in Attitudes about Divisive Social issues, 1972-2010: A Test of the Polarization Hypothesis
Committee: Jeffrey Timberlake, Littisha Bates

Will LeSuer (2011)
ThesisSay Hello to my Little Friend: An Investigation into the Correlations between Genital Slang and Sexism.
Committee: Erynn Casanova, Steve Carlton-Ford

Katherine Jimenez (2011)
ThesisYouth Soccer in the American Middle-Upper Class: How parents use Soccer to Create Good Girls.
Committee: Steve Carlton-Ford, Annulla Linders

Tommie Thacker (2011)
ThesisRacialized Reactions and Responses to September 11th, 2001
Committee: Annulla Linders (Chair), Rhys Williams

Adam Meyer (2011)
Thesis"The Fist in the Face of God": Heavy Metal Music and Decentralized Global Cultural Diffusion
Committee: Jeffrey Timberlake (Chair), Steve Carlton-Ford

Marcus Smith (2011)
ThesisEffects of Race, Class, and Social Capital on the Formation of Aspirations among High School Students
Committee: Annulla Linders (co-chair), Jeffrey Timberlake (co-chair)

Jennifer Carter (2011)
ThesisGender Differences in the Portrayal of Athletes in Olympic Media Guide Profiles
Committee: David Maume (Chair), Erynn Casanova

Teisha Murray (2011)
Thesis"Comin From Where I'm From:" Exploring Inner-City Youth's Perception of Their Neighborhood
Committee: Annulla Linders (Chair), Steve Carlton-Ford

Rebecca Reeder (2010)
Thesis: Change in Composition versus Variable Force as Influences on the Downward Trend in the Sex Ratio at Birth in the U.S., 1971-2006
Committee: Neal Ritchey (Chair), Jeffrey Timberlake, Lora Ann Hasse

Kelli Chapman (2010)
ThesisMannheim in the Digital Age: Assessing Generational Effects on Internet Use
Committee: Steve Carlton-Ford (Chair), Paula Dubeck

Deborah Felker (2010)
ThesisThe Impact of Civil War on Institutionalized Gender Inequality: Taking a New Approach
Committee: Steve Carlton-Ford (Chair), Annulla Linders

Donielle Boop (2009)
ThesisExpanding the Second Shift: Exploring Women's Work in Elder Care
Committee: Paula Dubeck (Chair), Steve Carlton-Ford

Amanda Staight (2010)
Thesis: Location isn't Everything: Race and Gentrification in Chicago, 1980 to 2000
Committee: Jeffrey Timberlake (Chair), Jennifer Malat, Paula Dubeck

Elizabeth Sweeney (2010)
ThesisDefining Reality:  How Biomedical Researchers Determine the Existence of Pain
Committee: Jennifer Malat (Chair), Kelly Moore, Magda Szaflarski

Michelle Burstion-Young (2009)
ThesisLet's Stay Together: Examining Racial Separation and other Coping Strategies among African-American Students who Attend Predominately White Schools
Committee: Annulla Linders (Chair), Kelly Moore, Steve Carlton-Ford

Yan Cui (2009)
ThesisSelf-Employment: Opportunity Pursuit for the Haves or Survival Strategy for the Have-nots
Committee: Neal Ritchey (Chair), Jeffrey Timberlake, David Maume

Amy Grau (2009)
ThesisTelevision News Viewership and Prejudicial Attitudes Towards Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Whites: The Role of Perception of Crime
Committee: Neal Ritchey (Chair), Jeffrey Timberlake, Jennifer Malat

Andrea Hunt (2009)
ThesisEffects of Economic and Cultural Threat on Americans' Attitudes toward Immigration
Committee: Jeffrey Timberlake (Chair), Rhys Williams, Jennifer Malat

Travis Speice (2009)
ThesisRelationship between Mode of HIV Transmission, Social Support, and Coping Strategies
Committee: Rhys Williams (Chair), Steve Carlton-Ford, Paula Dubeck

Chanyung James Park (2008)
ThesisImmigration Rhetoric and the Use of the Cultural Purity Argument
Committee: Rhys Williams (Chair, Annulla Linders, Kelly Moore

Rachel Sebastian (2008)
Thesis: Child Care as 'Concerted Cultivation': Parenting Orientation and Child Care Arrangements for Preschoolers
Committee: David Maume (Chair), Steve Carlton-Ford, Jeffrey Timberlake

Alan Wight (2008)
Thesis"We are nature": Exploring Ecovillagers' Perceptions of nature and Uses of Technology
Committee: Kelly Moore (Chair), Rhys Williams, Steve Carlton-Ford