Communication majors can greatly enhance their educational experience while in college by conducting an internship in a field they are interested in exploring. Multiple internships in different careers in communication serve to both strengthen a student's resume and prepare them for the professional world.

Students pursing an internship should register for COMM3091: Intern in Communication. This course enables you to apply your coursework in an appropriate work setting in order to understand the practical implications of what you have learned. Thus, you must be far enough along in your program so that the experience will be meaningful.

Requirements for internship:

  • Must be a Communication major in good standing.
  • Must have attained Junior Status.
  • Completion of:
    • PD 2070 and COMM 1076 and one of the following courses: 
      • COMM 2042, COMM2081, or COMM 3008.
  • Registered for Internship class (3091). The class can be repeated, but only three credit hours will count toward the Communication major. The remainder will count toward your general elective requirements.
  • Minimum registration is 3 credit hours and a max of 12 credit hours. 
  • Minimum hours worked is 135 hours/semester for 3 credit hours. For each additional 45 hours worked, a student can add one credit hour. However, students must specify the number of credits, and thus hours to be worked, at the beginning of the semester.

The majority of the work you do will be determined by your site supervisor provided it meets the standards for an academic internship experience (i.e., you must do more than make coffee and run copies AND your work must relate to your classes). Some students find their own internship site. If you do not have a site, we have many opportunities available.  To view current internship opportunities, log into Handshake and search communication listings. Dr. Maribeth Metzler, Internship Director, will also help you find an appropriate site if you need help.

Dr. Maribeth Metzler
Director of Communication Internship Program
145A Arts & Sciences Hall