Part Time

Students can pursue a Masters Degree in Communication at UC as a part-time student. The MA program is a great way to enhance your professional profile, move into a new area of work, or prepare for doctoral studies. The MA degree offers a breadth of understanding across different areas of communication, and also can be tailored to your specific interests. See (link to overall program description) for more information about the overall program.

Completing the Degree as a Part-Time Student:

  • Part-time students can take between 3-9 hours of coursework per term.

  •  Part-time students have 7 years to complete the degree. The degree can be completed in as little as 2.5 years. (Although the department does not offer summer coursework, some arrangements can be made for outside courses, and completion projects can be conducted over the summer.)

  • We offer most courses in the evening (usually at 6 PM, some may be at 4 PM) 

  •  Program requirements include 33 hours of coursework. There are four required courses, a required minimum of four communication electives, and a minimum of three hours of completion project registration. 

  • Part-time students can choose between writing a thesis or conducting an applied professional project (praxis) for their completion option.