Graduate Student Governance Association

Image of Graduate Student Governance Association members

The graduate students in the Department of Communication participate in the Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA). This entitles the group to all the rights of members of that organization, including travel refunds and a monetary allotment. However, you are not automatically registered. You (the group) must fill out a registration form and submit it at a date to be determined in Fall Semester. Member Groups must have regular representation at GSA meetings to maintain active status and be eligible for the above money allocations. Visit the GSGA website at and read the Bylaws and Constitution. The deadline for membership application is TBA.


Dear Graduate Students,
GSGA is an organization run by graduate students for graduate students that serves as the executive board for the Graduate Student Assembly, which is comprised of representatives from each Graduate Student Association. Our purpose is to make the graduate student experience as beneficial as possible to students and the University by advocating on behalf of the graduate student population, promoting research and educational goals beyond what is merely required for a degree, and establishing bonds amongst the graduate students and other university populations. Please browse our website to see how GSGA can help you during your stay at UC. You can also join our Facebook Group. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email an officer or stop by during office hours. Good luck in your studies.
GSGA Executive Board