Teaching and Research

As a graduate student, you should be aware of a pool of subjects available to you should you need their participation in your research projects. As a GA teaching COMM1071, it will be your responsibility to put the necessary information on your course syllabus. For more information, please contact the appropriate course director.

Suggested Procedures

1. All G.A.s should include a statement on their course syllabus stating that students may earn some credit for research participation. Early in the semester the G.A.s should circulate a sign-up sheet for interested students. That list should be given to the Program Head to be integrated into a master list of volunteers.

2. The statement on the syllabus should note that students can earn research credit in a variety of ways. For example, a student who chooses not to be a respondent could be given the option of locating, reading and reporting on a current piece of research relevant to the course topic.

Please Note:

1. Student participation should be voluntary. The undergraduates should have the option to choose whether or not they wish to take part in any research activities.

2. Small incentives should be provided to reward students who choose to participate. The amount and nature of this incentive should be left up to the individual professor or instructor.

3. The form of the students' participation should be flexible. That is, we should accommodate students who are interested in research but do not wish to be a respondent or an active assistant. Some alternative form of participation should be an option for them.


1. You should delineate a very clear "window of opportunity" for students to volunteer for any extra credit activities. Otherwise, you will certainly be swamped with a rush of volunteers in the last week of the semester.

2. At the end of the semester, any researcher who has drawn from the pool should provide all course instructors with a list of people who participated in their research.