Graduate Student Health Insurance

The premium for term students will be $1064.00/semester (spring’s premium automatically covers students through the summer semester with no additional premium due).

Visit the Student Health Insurance website for details on enrollment & eligibility, semesterly costs, regulations, deadlines for insurance waivers and how the waiver system works. Please note that deadlines are strictly enforced and it is up to you to apply before the deadline.

For Plan Information, contact the office staff in person or by telephone:

Student Health Insurance Office
Suite 334, Lindner Center
University of Cincinnati
(513) 556-6868

Waiver/Enrollment Deadlines:

Fall 2014 Semester - 9/8/14
Spring 2015 Semester - 1/26/15
Summer 2015 Semester - 5/25/15

Coverage Dates:**

08/11/14 - 08/10/15 (when both Fall and Spring premiums are paid)

Cost of Coverage: $1064 per semester*

A portion of the cost-of-student coverage is retained by the University of Cincinnati to pre-fund UHS Primary Care and to pay for the Plan operating expenses.

* Students who purchase spring term coverage are covered through the summer term with no additional premium due and no credit hour requirement.

** Coverage for international students begins at no additional charge on the date they are required to be on campus.