Basic Arabic Courses

The College of Arts & Sciences requires students to complete either a 10 semester hour credit sequence (one year), or a 12 semester hour credit sequence (two years). All incoming students should be placed in language courses according to previous language study. Students with fewer than two years of high school language will be placed in the 1011 or 1001 level. Those who have studied Arabic for two or more years will be placed in the 1002 level.

The Department of Romance Languages offers only one sequence in basic Literary Arabic:

Basic Arabic 1001-1002: 5 credits each

The class meets five days per week. Instruction emphasizes oral and written communication in Arabic through activities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students must participate every day in class, since part of their evaluation is based on how they collaborate in Arabic in small groups. The curriculum includes authentic aural, written and video input. Class is conducted in Arabic. Attendance is required.

Intermediate Literary Arabic 2001-2002: 5 credits each

Curriculum includes vocabulary enrichment, process writing, conversation, grammar review, and reading. Prerequisite: Arabic 103 (quarter) or Arabic 1002 (semester) or permission of instructor. Attendance is required.

Closed Classes/Petitioning

Should a basic level class be closed, nothing can be done until the first week of classes. The instructor does not make decisions about petitioning a class. All decisions are made by the coordinator. Students who wish to petition a closed class must follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a drop/add slip.
  2. Submit a completed drop/add slip to instructor.
  3. Attend class while a decision is being made.


  1. The instructor will submit the drop/add slip to the coordinator.
  2. The coordinator will determine if a student may enter a class.
  3. The instructor will return the drop/add slip if petition has been granted.
  4. The student will submit completed drop/add slip to One Stop if petition has been granted.

For more information about the Basic Language Program, please contact the Coordinator of Basic Arabic.