M.A Program in French Franco-Arabic Studies Track

The track in Franco-Arabic Studies accounts for the historical, cultural, and geo-political intersections between French and Arabic languages and cultures across the Mediterranean, within France, and increasingly in other Francophone spaces such as Quebec. This track is designed to provide graduates with the foundation required to continue graduate studies in French or in Arabic, to teach, or to work in jobs in government, international business, journalism, public health, or international development. Students will graduate with an MA in French with a “Franco-Arabic Track” specialization and with strong linguistic level in both French and Arabic.

The M.A. in the Franco-Arabic track requires a minimum of 32 cr. hrs. of graduate coursework NOT including language courses.

1. Arabic Language Requirement (these credits DO NOT count for the 32 graduate credit minimum)

First Year ARAB 4010 and 4011
Second Year ARAB 4031 and 4032 Students may demonstrate equivalent levels from previous study.

2. General MA Required courses (8cr. These courses DO count for graduation).
Introduction to Graduate Studies RLL 7001 (4 cr.)
AND one of the following:
Language Teaching Methods RLL 7051 (4 cr.)
Intro to Literary Criticism RLL 7010 or equivalent (4 cr.)

3. Franco-Arabic Studies Track (24 cr. hours, or 6 courses of 4 cr. each).
Required courses (8 cr. Hours)
FREN 7087 The Maghreb (4 cr.)
ARAB 7022 Arabic Literature in Translation (4 cr.) or another approved course that encompasses the French and Arabic-speaking worlds.

French or Francophone literature, cinema or culture elective courses (a minimum of 4 courses or 16 cr.)

At least one of the 4 courses in this category should take a transnational perspective (for example FREN-8064 / French and Francophone Cinema, FREN-8072 / Africa Today, or FREN- 7086 / African Feminisms).

For more information contact the Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Carlos Gutierrez.