MA in French Degree Requirements


Completion of 32 graduate credits at the 7000- and 8000-level, not including the Teaching Orientation and Teaching Practicum. TAs must take a total of 48 graduate credits in a two-year program to maintain their appointments and tuition scholarships. Students may transfer a maximum of two courses from another university in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies and faculty.

Minimum Course Load

The Graduate School requires that students with a TA-ship or UGS carry a minimum of 12 credits each term. In the term of the their MA examinations, students may register for 4 cr. of Research to help them prepare for their exams. Otherwise, students may not register for research credit unless approved by the DGS.

Required Courses

All students must take Introduction to Graduate Studies. Other required core courses vary according to the track.


Students can choose from three track options. French and Francophone Studies focuses on literature, cultural studies and Film, The Pedagogy track combines literature and culture with a three course series of courses on foreign language teaching methodologies. The Franco-Arabic track accounts for the historical, cultural, and geo-political intersections between French and Arabic languages and involves study of Arabic language and French and Francophone literary and cultural studies.

Independent Study

Independent Studies are discouraged and are subject to the approval of the DGS.


Students writing an MA thesis will take the same MA exam as other students but will register for 4-8 MA thesis hours in place of 1-2 graduate courses. Students wishing to write a thesis must be in good standing, demonstrate potential for research, and have a record of normal academic progress. Students whose home countries require a thesis are eligible to write one if they meet the requirements above. Students wishing to write a thesis must apply no later than the autumn term of the second year. Applicants must secure a letter of approval from their thesis director and submit it along with a prospectus and a letter explaining the reasons for the thesis to the DGS. The DGS will submit the three documents to the tenure-track faculty for possible approval. If the project is approved, students must complete the work by August of their second year.

MA Exam

Students are responsible for the MA reading list appropriate to their M.A. track and must pass the MA exam in the Spring term of their second year.

Second Language

By the end of their second year, MA students are required to demonstrate knowledge of a second Romance Language by passing one of the following: a reading comprehension and translation exam; the reading courses French/Spanish; the 1000-level course sequence in French, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese; one graduate courses in the second language; scoring into French/ Spanish 2015 or above on the Placement Test. Students may not take language courses as part of their regular course load.

Years of Support for MA Students

MA students in good standing have a maximum of two years of financial support. At the end of the first year of support, the faculty votes on the second year.

Time Limit

Students must complete all MA requirements within seven years of entering the program.