Departmental Advising

When you declare Psychology as a major, you will be assigned to work with one of our professional academic advisors. Your undergraduate academic advisors can answer questions about the requirements of the major and minor, and how best to make use of the resources and opportunities available to our students (selection of minors, course availability and selection, research, internships, clubs, etc.).  

For questions regarding the major requirements and options, please contact the general Psychology advising email,, or the general College of Arts & Sciences advising line, 513-556-5860.


Advising FAQ's: 

When should I meet with my advisor? 

You are more than welcome to schedule a meeting with us whenever you have questions or need support! However, the following situations are ones where you will want to make an appointment to chat:

1.) You are scheduling your classes as a first year student.

2.) You have an advising hold on your account because you are at or over 75 credit hours. 

3.) You are not passing your classes and need information on how and where you can get support. 

4.) You are thinking about changing your major.


How do I schedule classes or modify my schedule? 

Click here to learn how to add, drop, or withdraw from courses.


When is the last day to add or drop a course to my schedule? 

Click here for the dates and deadlines for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses.


How do I add myself to a waitlist for a course or enroll in a closed class? 

If the class you are trying to take is waitlisted, you will see a yellow triangle under the status. Click here to learn how to add yourself to the waitlist! 

If the class you are trying to take is CLOSED, you will see a blue square under the status. The only way to enroll in these classes are to get permission from the instructor teaching the course. Reach out to the instructor via email using the UC directory search.


How do I search for General Education/Breadth of Knowledge (BoK) Courses? 

Click here to learn how to search for these types of courses! 


How do I view my Degree Audit on Catalyst to see which courses I still need to take? 

Click here to learn how to view your degree audit! 


How do I create a graduation plan in My Graduation Plan? 

Click here to learn about the My Graduation Plan tool and how to create your plan. 

Use the following major maps to help plan your courses in My Graduation Plan: 

PSYC - BA Major Map

PSYC - BS Major Map


I am a PSYC student and need help finding an internship/COOP/teaching practicum. Where can I find this? 

*BA students are required to complete an internship/COOP/teaching practicum before they graduate

*Take PD 2170 before completing these experiences

 Click here for all the information you need about these experiences and how to get one approved!


How do I find out more information regarding research opportunities? 

Click here to see the PSYC research labs at UC and the contact information for each. 


I'm interested in the 4+1 Program for Psychology, how do I learn more? 

Click here to learn more about the 4+1 program!


What is the difference between the PSYC BA and PSYC BS?

Both programs have similar requirements. BA students have to take two interpersonal skills classes, and have to complete either an internship/COOP or a teaching practicum. BS students have to take two additional psychology research courses, take an English course on writing for research, and additional natural science/social science courses. It is encouraged that students pursue whichever major interests them the most. The only time that the BS is recommended over the BA is if a student is interested in pursuing a PhD or PsyD program. The BS is also recommended if a student is interested in working in a hospital or medical setting.  


What minors and certificates does UC offer that I can add to my program? 

Click here to view the minors and certificates offered at UC.

If you are a PSYC BS student, you will want to use the major map to see minors that will fulfill the BS General Sciences/Social Sciences requirement.