Capstone Experience

Group of students posing together

The faculty of each baccalaureate degree program or major has defined a capstone experience that obliges a student to demonstrate proficiency in the four baccalaureate competencies of the General Education Program as well as in the content of the degree program or major. The capstone enables a student to draw upon and integrate knowledge and skills of the particular discipline using methods appropriate to the field, including information literacy and relevant communication skills. For Psychology, the capstone experience is a Research Methods course beyond PSYC2002C.

  • 15PSYC5050 Res. Capstone: Child Health and Mental Health
  • 15PSYC5051 Res. Capstone: Community Research
  • 15PSYC5052 Res. Capstone: Stress and Health
  • 15PSYC5053 Res. Capstone: Human Learning
  • 15PSYC5054 Res. Capstone: Personality and Clinical
  • 15PSYC5055 Res. Capstone: Perception and Action
  • 15PSYC5056 Res. Capstone: Social Psychology
  • 15PSYC5057 Res. Capstone: Cognitive Psychology
  • 15PSYC5058 Res. Capstone: Advanced Statistics
  • 15PSYC5059 Res. Capstone: Neuropsychology
  • 15PSYC5060 Res. Capstone: Human Factors
  • 15PSYC5062 Res. Capstone: Evaluation and Educational Programs