Organizational Leadership Mentoring Program

About the Program:

Two current ORGL majors have been named mentors this year.  They are Libby Bricker and Joe Pierson.  The ORGL mentors are available to help you identify the opportunities and information you need to be successful in Organizational Leadership.  For example, they can provide you with information about how to get involved in clubs and professional organizations.  They can provide advice and information on how to secure an internship, how to meet your capstone deadlines and requirements, and how to make the most out of your UC experience.    

I hope you will reach out to your ORGL mentors this semester. They would love the opportunity to talk with you and help you in any way possible. In fact, we already compiled a list of tips and advice that I will pass along to you all. Best wishes for a fantastic Fall semester.
Dr. Donna Chrobot-Mason (

Meet the Mentors!

  • My name is Libby Bricker. Organizational Leadership is my course of study, because I want to learn the skills it takes to effectively influence those around me. My vision is to work in the non-profit sector as I have always had humanitarian tendencies and been drawn to volunteering. Animal rescue and human rights advocacy are two main areas of interest. I grew up in a small blue collar town in East Central Ohio where the value of hard work was well-understood. From physical labor to retail - I have worked many places. Most of my adult work experience I gained in Cincinnati, but I have earned an official pay check since I was legally old enough to receive a W-2. At age 29 I am finally nearing graduation. On this journey I have gained invaluable experience working in teams, practicing leadership skills, learning organizational strategies, and honing emotional intelligence. I am so excited for the years ahead of me as a Bearcat alumna!



  • My name is Joseph Pierson. I am a currently a senior earning my Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership and Minor in Business Administration. I chose this major because it is a combination of many interests of mine: leadership, communications, psychology, and business. The combination of these areas has greatly helped me develop my leadership skills since I entered the program. I am currently developing a plan to organize my own business. The tools I have learned and confidence I have gained through this major have given me the ability to pursue this dream. Nearing graduation, I now wish I had followed through more with my advisors and had an internship experience. But I have learned from my mistakes and am here to help you avoid similar mistakes. Don’t be shy! I would love to help answer any questions you may have about Organizational Leadership!


Who is my mentor?

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