Why Study Organizational Leadership?

Like students who graduate with other liberal arts majors, graduates with a B.A. in organizational leadership are prepared for further academic or professional study and for many different career options in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

Graduates are employed as:

  • Human resource recruiters
  • Marketing managers
  • Bank financial loan officers
  • Retail managers
  • Loan processors, financial institution
  • Sales representatives
  • Local government agencies
  • Hospital administration supervisors
  • Restaurant owners/managers
  • Airline customer service managers
  • Education administrators
  • Employee relations representatives
  • Training and development managers
  • Healthcare administrators

Organizational leadership students may also choose to go on to law school, master's programs in business administration, human resource management or graduate programs in communication, psychology and other liberal arts disciplines.

Additional career options are listed on theĀ Career Development Center's Web site.