4+1 Option

What is the 4+1 Option?

The 4+1 option is available to UC undergraduate students majoring (BA/BS) in Psychology or non-majors taking a minimum of 18 hours in Psychology (equivalent to but not necessarily completing a Psychology minor). 

The program allows students completing their Bachelor’s degree to obtain a Master’s degree in one additional year (15 hours per semester).
Since students doing the 4+1 option take two graduate courses before applying to the MAP program, they only have to take 12 credits per semester as a MAP student. For qualifying students, the graduate year of study is paid at a discounted tuition rate (typically a 25% discount).  Completion of the 4+1 program assumes the following:

  • The student completes two graduate-level (MAP) courses for graduate credit prior to completing their BA/BS.  (Note:  This means that 4+1 students may not graduate with their BA/BS with less than 126 hours, 6 of which are GR-level courses that apply to the MAP degree).  Grades for the graduate level classes must average 3.0 (with no grade lower than a B-). 
  • These graduate courses taken during undergraduate years do not guarantee admission into the MAP program. Letters of recommendation, personal statements, and GPA are also taken into account.
  • Students must apply for the MAP program during the last year of their undergraduate studies. Students do not need to apply for the MAP program in order to take the two graduate classes during their undergraduate year. 
  • The student enrolls in the MAP program full-time and thus completes the graduate year in two semesters. Depending on the nature of a student's capstone, many have had to complete the program in three or more semesters.

What is the Difference Between the 4+1 Option and the MAP Program?

The two are the same, both have the same courses and require the same work. The only difference is that the 4+1 option allows UC students to get a head start on MAP classes by taking graduate courses during their undergraduate years. Admitted students into the MAP program who have completed the 4+1 also receive a 25% discount if the MAP program is completed in one year.

If I am Interested in the 4+1 Program, What Do I Do?

  • Set up appointment with Dr. Furst-Holloway (furstse@ucmail.uc.edu). Either Dr. Furst-Holloway or the graduate advisor who you meeti with will collect your contact information so that we may communicate program updates and information to you (e.g., when the application portal is open). We can also review the program and admissions process and when to schedule your graduation.  Most importantly, we can advise you on what graduate classes are available.
  • Please email Dr. Furst-Holloway to set up an appointment.
  • All students interested in MAP and 4+1 program will fill out a preapplication when meeting with Dr. Furst-Holloway.
  • If after meeting with Dr. Furst-Holloway or the graduate advisor, you plan to apply to the MA Psychology program, you will be asked to sign a letter of intent stating that you plan to apply to the MAP program your senior year.  This letter will also outline the next steps for you to follow.  For example, you will need to contact Brandi Forbes (forbesbi@ucmailuc.edu) to unblock you for registering for the graduate courses taken in your senior year of undergraduate study.
  • You should apply for the MA in Psychology degree through the Graduate School application portal by the January 15th deadline of your senior year.  There will be a question on the application asking whether you have completed or are working on the 4+1 option. Select “yes.” If the option to select "yes" is no longer available, you may mention your intention to finish the 4+1 option in your personal statement.