Scholarships and Financial Aid

McMicken Lion

The Department of Psychology offers merit-based financial assistance in the form of one Graduate Assistantship (GA) and several partial University Graduate Scholarships (UGS) each academic year. The assistantship and scholarships are given to full-time students only and require that students take 12 graduate credit hours per semester.

The GA entails 20 hours of employment per week and includes 100% tuition waiver and payment of general fees in addition to paying a monthly stipend. The UGS includes only a partial tuition waiver.

Typically, during Spring Semester, all full-time students who are newly accepted to the program are automatically considered for Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Scholarships for the following year.

If you are a continuing student, you should inform the graduate director to make her aware that you are looking for a UGS (for example, if you have decided to attend classes full-time rather than part-time or failed to obtain funding previously and wish to be considered again).

The allocation of scholarship monies is decided in Spring or Summer each year, and the scholarships pertain to the following academic year. Occasionally, the Department may have money available at other times of the year for scholarships, but this is rare. The scholarship monies are limited to full-time students and are granted based on merit. Therefore, you are encouraged to apply for admission by early Spring Semester in order to be considered for aid in the following cycle.