All courses must be completed with a “C” or better to count toward the minor. 

  1. Complete two Introduction to Philosophy courses
  2. Complete one Logic course
  3. Complete one Philosophy free elective 
  4. Complete three Upper-Level Philosophy Courses 3000 or higher (but not 5099) 


  • PHIL 1000: Intro to Philosophy
  • PHIL 1001: Theory of Knowledge
  • PHIL 1002: Mind and Will
  • PHIL 1003: Intro to Ethics
  • PHIL 1004: Intro to History of Philosophy
  • PHIL 1005: Philosophies Around the World
  • PHIL 1006: Intro to Cognitive Studies
  • PHIL 1032: How Science Works
  • PHIL 1044: The Meaning of Life 

  • PHIL 1011: Intro to Logic (recommended)
  • PHIL 2010: Symbolic Logic 

  • Any Philosophy course

  • The minor requires a minimum of 7 courses (21 credit hours) in Philosophy.

  • Students who declared prior to Fall 2019: the minor requirements were revised in Summer 2019 to expand the list of courses that count for the Intro requirement. You may count any of these toward the Intro requirement, if you wish.

  • Any given course can count toward only one requirement within the minor—in other words, no “double-counting” within the minor. For example, you may count PHIL 1044 as either an “Intro” or a “Free Elective” but not both.

  • You may “double-count” courses toward both a minor requirement and other college or university requirements, such as toward your Gen-Ed Quantitative Reasoning [QR].

  • All courses must earn a C or better to count toward the minor requirements. Courses that earn a C- or a D will count toward your UC total credit hours and your UC GPA, but not toward completing the minor. You will need to either re-take the course or take another Philosophy course that fulfills the same requirement.

Questions? Contact the Undergraduate Program Director, Prof. Vanessa Carbonell, vanesssa.carbonell@uc.edu