Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantships

Presently the department is authorized to award 12 graduate assistantships per year. This includes the number that are awarded to continuing students. Assistantships carry a scholarship and a living stipend. The scholarship covers tuition and the general semester fee. (All students must pay an "instructional technology fee" each semester.) The stipend will be at least $15,000 per year.

Taft Graduate Fellowships

Taft Graduate Student Fellowships are awarded by the Taft Fund. Taft Fellows receive a stipend and pay no tuition (but they do pay the technology fee). Each year the department awards at least one Taft fellowship to a graduate student working on a PhD dissertation. Additional Taft fellowships for advanced graduate students may be awarded on a competitive basis. (The Charles Phelps Taft Memorial Fund supports ten Arts and Sciences departments in a variety of ways, including faculty grants, funds for conferences and speakers, and postdoctoral fellowships.)

Yates Minority Fellowships

Members of "groups which are underrepresentated in specific university programs and who are from the United States and its territories" may be eligible for Albert C. Yates Graduate Fellowships, which provide a tuition waiver and a living stipend.

Summer Teaching

There are sometimes opportunities for graduate students to earn a extra income by teaching courses during the Summer sessions.

Summer Grants:

Summer stipends are awarded on a competetive to graduate students for summer research on topics of their of their choosing. Competition is university-wide.