PhD Alumni

PhD Grads
Name Year Advisor Title
Al Marzooq, Sadiqah Abdullah A 2015 Vaughan, Ben Qualitative Analysis of biofilms in water networks
Caicedo Caceres, Miguel Andres 2015 Zhang, Bingyu Well-posedness and control of the Korteweg-de Vries
equation on a finite domain
Caicedo-Casso, Angelica Graciela 2015 Liim, Sookkyung Period Robustness Analysis of Minimal Models for
Biochemical Oscillators
Duan, Li 2015 Wang, Xia Bayesian Nonparametric Methods with Applications in
Longitudinal, Heterogeneous, and Spatiotemporal Data
Estep, Dewey R 2015 Shanmugalingam, Nages Prime end boundaries of domains in metric spaces
and the Dirichlet problem
Guo, Yixuan 2015 Sivaganesan, Siva Bayesian model selection for Poisson and related models
Li, Xining 2015 Shanmugalingam, Nages Preservation of bounded geometry under transformations of metric spaces
Lopez, Marcos D 2015 Shanmugalingam, Nages Discrete approximations of metric measure spaces
with controlled geometry
Clack, Jhules
2014 French, Don
Theoretical Analysis for Moving Least Square Method with Second Order PseudoDerivatives and Stabilization
Glore, Mary Lee 2014
Sivaganesan, Siva
The Threshold prior in Bayesian Hypothesis Testing
Guo, Wei
Song, Seongho
A Unified Approach to Data Transformation and Outlier
Detection using Penalized Assessment
Kim, Woosuk
Song, Seongho
Statistical Inference on Dual Generalized Order Statistics for Burr Type III Distribution
Li, Dandan
Sivaganesan, Siva
On Multiplicity Adjustment in Bayesian Variable Selection and an Objective Bayesian Analysis of a Crossover Design
Ramaruban, Nadesan
Smith, Tara
Commutative Hyperalgebra
Rarivoarimanana, Ando
Bryc, Wlodek
Unbalanced urn models and applications
Toprakseven, Suayip 2014 French, Don
Vaughan, Ben
Error Analysis of Extended Discontinuous
Galerkin (XdG) Method
Li, Qian 2013 Sivaganesan, Siva Second Order PseudoDerivatives and Stabilization
Longla, Martial
Peligrad, Magda
Modeling Dependence and Limit Theorems for
Copula-based Markov Chains
Xiao, Yang 2013
Sivaganesan, Siva A Bayesian Subgroup Analysis Using
Zhang, Xiao 2013
Horn, Paul Experiment Design and Reliability Analysis of Accelerated Degradation Test
Zou, Yuanshu 2013
Sivaganesan, Siva Robustifying a Non-Linear Model using Wavelets: A Bayesian Approach with an Application to Pharmacokinetics Modeling
Ren, Yan 2012
Sivaganesan, Siva A Non-parametric Bayesian Method for Hierarchical Clustering of Longitudinal Data
Wang, Xiaopei 2012
Deddens, James Multi-Way Block Models
Yin, Zhijun 2012
Ding, Jintai Security of Unbalanced Oil-Vinegar Signature Scheme
Julian, Poranee 2012
Herron, David Geometric Properties of the Ferrand Metric
Patnaik, Sasmita 2012
Weiss, Gary Ideals and Commutators of Operators
Rivas, Ivonne 2011 Zhang, Bingyu Analysis and Control of the Boussinesq and Korteweg-de Vries Equations
Meng, Xiangxiang 2011 Sivaganesan, Siva Spectral Bayesian Network and Spectral Connectivity Analysis for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies
Chen, Chen 2011 Sivaganesan, Siva Bayesian Analyses of Mediational Models for Survival Outcome
Sun, Yan 2011 Deddens, James Regularization for High-dimensional Time Series Models
Lin, Min 2011 Sivaganesan, Siva Correlation of Bivariate Frailty Models and a New Marginal Weibull Distribution for Correlated Bivariate Survival Data
Cabarcas, Daniel 2011 Ding, Jintai Grobner Bases Computation and Mutant Polynomials
Bertke, Stephen 2011 Deddens, James A Simulation Study of the Cox Proportional Hazards Model and the Nested Case-Control Study Design
Li, Xia 2011 Sivaganesan, Siva A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Studying Inter-Occasion and Inter-Subject Variability in Pharmacokinetics
Kang, Zhuang 2010 Stojanovic, Srdjan Illiquid Derivative Pricing and Equity Valuation under Interest Rate Risk
Kruglov, Victoria 2010 Ding, Jintai Growth of the Ideal Generated by a Quadratic Multivariate Function
Osorio, Mauricio 2010 French, Donald Error Estimates for a Meshfree Method with Diffuse Derivatives and Penalty Stabilization
Wagner, John 2010 Ding, Jintai Cryptanalysis of Rational Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems
Ding, Lili 2010 Sivaganesan, Siva Bayesian Frailty Models for Correlated Interval-Censored Survival Data
Wang, Hongjun 2010 Horn, Paul On the Estimation of Lower-End Quantiles from a Right-Tailed Distribution
Kramer, Eugene 2009 Zhang, Bingyu Nonhomogeneous Boundary Value Problems for the Korteweg-de Vries Equation on a Bounded Domain
Shen, Rui 2009 Sivaganesan, Siva A Bayesian Modeling of Monotonic Ordinal Responses with Misclassification, with Application to Maturation
Hein, Misty 2009 Deddens, James Occupational Cohort Studies and the Nested Case-Control Study Design
Freeman, David 2009 Herron, David Bilipschitz Homogeneous Jordan Curves
Sauer, Johnothon 2009 Smith, Tara Semigroups and Their Zero-Divisor Graphs
Clough, Crystal 2009 Ding, Jintai Square: A New Family of Multivariate Encryption Schemes
Baena, John 2009 Ding, Jintai Fast Signature Schemes Over Odd Characteristic
Jin, Yan 2008 Deddens, James Bayesian Solution to the Analysis of Data with Values Belowt the Limit of Detection (LOD)
Camfield, Christopher 2008 Shanmugalingam, Nages Comparison of BV Norms in Weighted Euclidean Spaces and Metric Measure Spaces
Hunter, Tina 2008 Sivaganesan, Siva Gibbs Sampling and Expectation Maximization Methods for Estimation of Censored Values from Correlated Multivariate Distributions
Oraby, Tamer 2008 Bryc, Wlodzimierz Spectra of Random Block-Matrices and Products of Random Matrices
Ruth, Jr., Harry Len 2008 Herron, David Conformal Densities and Deformations of Uniform Loewner Metric Spaces
Teymuroglu, Zeynep 2008 French, Donald Continuum Models for the Spread of Alcohol Abuse
Jiang, Dongming 2007 Sivaganesan, Siva Objective Bayesian Testing and Model Selection for Poisson Models
Usman, Muhammad 2007 Zhang, Bingyu Forced Oscillations of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation and Their Stability
Dumitru, Raluca A. 2007 Peligrad, Costel Compact Quantum Group Actions on C*-Algebras
Visinescu, Bogdan C. 2007 Zhang, Shuang K-Theory and Homotopy Type of Certain Infinite C*-Algebras
Badamdorj, Dorjsuren 2006 French, Don Modeling and Computation of Signal Transduction of Olfactory Cilia with Non-Uniform CNG and CI and CI(Ca) Channel Distributions
Galstyan, Anahit 2005 Korman, Phil Existence and Number of Global Solutions to Model Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Oh, Jiyeon 2005 French, Don Error Analysis of the Exponential Euler Method and the Mathematical Modeling of the Retinal Waves in Neuroscience
Zhao, Shuhong 2005 Deddens, James Statistical Inference on Binomial Proportions
Zhou, Rong 2005 Sivaganesan, Siva Bayesian Analysis of Log-Binomial Models
Diene, Adama 2005 Ding, Jintai Structure of Permutation Polynomials
Yu, Weiming 2004 Murio, Diego Identification of Coefficients in Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Wang, Guojun 2004 Sivaganesan, Siva Some Bayesian Methods in the Estimation of Parameters in the Measurement Error Models and Crossover Trail
Endelman, Robin 2002 Hodges, Tim Degenerations of elliptic solutions to the quantum Yang-Baxter equation
Yi, Zhuobiao 2002 Murio, Diego Identification of general source terms in parabolic equations [electronic resource]
Gonchigdanzan, Khurelbaatar 2001 Peligrad, Magda Almost sure central limit theorems [electronic resource]
Stancescu, Daniel 2001 Peligrad, Magda Bootstrap methods for the estimation of the variance of partial sums [electronic resource]
Sullivan, Terry 2000 Herron, David Generalizations of the Chordarc Condition
Coles, Crista 2000 Murio, Diego Numerical Identification of Parameters in Inverse Heat Conduction and Inverse Euler Bernoulli Beam Theory
Moore, Joy 2000 Harris-Mitchell, Arlene The Role of Student Discourse In the Mathematics Achievement of African-American Male High School Students
Nica, Daniel 1999 Peligrad, Magda Consistency of Kernel Estimators Under Pairwise Dependence Assumptions
Zhen, Shenghe 1998 Murio, Diego A. The Method of Mollification and its Application
Golnabi, Saeed 1998 Murio, Diego A. Multivariate Statistical Quality Control
McDonough, Michele 1997 Smith, Tara Strong C-Ordering and Witt Rings of *-Fields
Howison, Ruth 1997 Meyer, Kenneth Doubly Symmetric Periodic Solutions to the Three-Dimensional Restricted Problem
Zhang, Xiujun 1996 Meyer, Kenneth Stability of Skew Dynamical Systems
Zhang, Qin 1996 Leung, Anthony Nonlinear Reaction Diffusion Equations and Systems
Meng, Medea Qiuyue 1995 Sivaganesan, Siva Robust Bayesian Analysis and Applications in Linear Models
Liu, Yinghui 1994 Murio, Diego Mollification Method for 2-D IHCP
Wang, Quidong (Don) 1994 Meyer, Kenneth The Global Phase Structure of the restricted Isosceles Three-Body Problem with Positive Energy
Szymanski, Wojciech 1994 Peligrad, Costel Hopf-Algebra Actions of C*-Algebras and Von Neumann Algebras
Yao, Xue 1994 Osterburg, James Smash Products and the Connes Spectrum of a Hopf Algebra Action
Ning, Nick Ke 1994 Deddens, James Statistical Analysis of Genetic Linkage Data
Zheng, Hongcai 1994 Murio, Diego A. Numerical Solutions for 3D-OHCP and Some Related Problems
Suresh, Ramachandran 1993 Peligrad, Magda Variance Estimates for Weakly Dependent Sequences of Random Variables
Wu, Jane Zhiqin 1993 Chang, T.C. Applications of Correspondence Analysis with Missing Data
Rarivoson, Albain Helison 1993 McCord, Christopher Calculation of the Nielsen Numbers on Nilmanifolds and Solvmanifolds
Hong, Jeong Hee 1993 Halpern, Herbert Depth 4 Subfactors related to G/H
Ma, Wancang 1993 Minda, David Linear Invariance and Uniform Local Univalance
Wan, Zhangyong 1993 Pelikan, Stephen Numbering Homoclinic Points of Diffeomorphisms in the Plane
He, Feiyue 1993 Stojanovic, S. Periodic and Nonsmooth Optimal control Problems Governed by Partial Differential Equations
Wang, Ping 1993 Deddens, James Predictive Distributions and Estimations by the Gibbs Sampler
Song, Ruiguang 1993 Deddens, James Estimation after Selection and Concomitants of Order Statistics
Toro, Margarita Maria 1993 Hodges, Timothy Primitive Ideals of Twisted Algebras of Functions on Quantum Groups
Mejia, Carlos Enrique 1993 Murio, Diego A. Solution of Some Ill-Posed Problems by the Mollification Method
Liu, Xiangyang 1993 Minda, David Topics in Geometric Function Theory
Xue, Dixi 1992 Deddens, James Overdispersed Problems in Generalized Linear and GEE Models
Zhao, Renhong 1992 Govind, Rakesh Application of Fuzzy Set Theory to Chemical Process Optimization and Control
Kim, Seong-A. 1992 Minda, David Convexity Criteria and the Hyperbolic Metric
Hinestroza Gutierrez, Doris 1992 Murio, Diego A. Numerical Identification of Transmissivity Coefficients in Elliptic and Parabolic Equations by Mollification Techniques
Fisher, Mary Amelia 1992 Horn, Paul S. Robust Prediction and Diagnostics in a Regression Setting
Oh, Sei-Qwon 1991 Hodges, Timothy Primitive Ideals in Algebras of Functions on Certain Quantum Spaces
Guo, Lijia 1991 Murio, Diego A. Stabilized Numerical Solution for Inverse Heat Conduction Problems
Moena, Ricardo 1990 Meyer, Ken Bifurcation of Periodic Points in a Lattice of Coupled Logistic Maps
Fan, Guangwei 1990 Leung, Anthony Existence and Stabilities of Positive Solutions for Degenerate and Periodic Readion-Diffusion Systems
Roth, Chiouchirn Constance 1990 Murio, Diego An Integral Solution Approach for the Inverse Heat Conduction Problem
Nassar, Manual Mohamed 1989 Ralescu, Dan Characterization of Mixtures of Exponential and Geometric Probability Distributions
Alfaro, Ricardo 1989 Hodges, Tim State Spaces and Skew Group Rings
Pulskamp, Richard J. 1988 Ralescu, Dan Nonlinear Admissible Estimators in the One Parameter Exponential Case
Yang, Ting 1988 Peligrad, Magda On the Nonparametric Curve Estimations with Local Bandwidth Selections
Konsowa, Mokhtar Hassan 1988 Mitro, Joanna Random Walks on Trees
Huh, Chan 1987 Fisher, Joe Invariants of Finite Abelian Groups Acting on the Algebra of 2 2 Generic Matrices
Mejia, Diego 1986 Minda, David The Hyperbolic Metric in K-Convex Regions
Lee, Kyunghee Kim 1986 Hodges, Tim Krull Dimension of Tensor Products in Algebras
Callon, George Daniel 1986 Groetsch, Charles Theory and Approximation of the Restricted Pseudo-solution
Kim, Yoobong 1985 Ralescu, Dan Some Contributions to the Theory of Fuzzy Measures and Integrals
Guacaneme, Julia Enrique 1984 Groetsch, Charles Aspects of the Theory of Tikhonov's Method for the Numerical Solution of Integral Equations
El-Samaloty, Mohab 1984 Meyer, Kenneth Averaging and Bifurcation Theory
Bendjilali, Boualem 1984 Meyer, Kenneth Stability of an Economic System Using Ordinary and Retarded Functional Differential Equations
Benedict, Jeffrey P. 1983 Chang, T.C. A Unification of Several Statistical Procedures with New Applications
Ortega, S. Luis Angel 1983 Lazer, Alan A Sturmian Theorem for Parabolic Operations with Periodic Coefficients and Applications
Heeg, Richard Adam 1982 Fisher, Joe Jordan Automorphisms on Semi prime Rings
Cerrito, Patricia A. Bintzler 1982 Mitro, Joanna Random Walks and Measures on Topological Groups and Semi Groups
Lui, Jong-Chi 1981 Meyer, Kenneth Normal Forms and Stability via Lie k-Transforms
Roth, Paul Gregory 1980 Deddens, James Bounded Orbits of Conjugation
Park, Jae Keol 1978 Fisher, Joe Artinian Skew Group Rings and Semi prime Twisted Group Rings
Pham, Son 1978 Chang, T.C. Multidimensional Scaling in Hilbert Spaces: Representation and Discretization
Hoang, Thu Minh 1978 Chang, T.C. On the Analysis of Ordered Dissimilarity Data
Outlaw, Charlotte Jahnke 1978 Chang, T.C. Biased Estimation of the Complex Lier Model with Time Series Applications
Azarnia, Nozar 1978 King, J. Thomas Discrete Time Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Boundary Value Problems and Extrapolation
Reiter, Edna Elizabeth 1978 Fisher, Joe Two Topics in Ring Theory: Some Conditions on Fixed Rings, a Dual to Goldie Dimension
Coffey, Shannon Lee 1977 Lazer, Alan C. Application of N-Dimensional Sturmian Theory to a Class of nonlinear Problems
Castro, Alfonso 1977 Lazer, Alan C. Applications of Some Variational Principles
Azarnia, Nazanin 1977 Halpern, Herbert Center Valued Weights in Von Neumann Algebras
Lyzzaik, Abdallah Khalil 1977 Styer, David Multivalent Linearly Accessible Functions and Close-to-Convex Functions
Jacobs, Barton Joseph 1977 Groetsch, Charles Topics in the Approximation of Generalized Inverses
Hollingsworth, Mark Barton 1977 Wright, Donald Typically Real Functions of Order P
Li, Paul Ching-Pang 1975 Styer, David Multivalent Weakly Star like Functions on a Multiply Connected Domain
Klembara, Michael Andrew 1975 Parker, Donald On Localizing Various Properties of Fitting Classes of Finite Solvable Groups
Fong, Uei 1974 Meyer, Kenneth Algebras of Integrals: A Study on the Symmetries and Integrals of a Hamiltonian
Berkey, Dennis Dale 1974 Lazer, Alan Diagonally-Dominant Linear-Systems
Cariola, Eugene Louis 1974 Merkes, Edward On Convex-Sets on Univalent-Functions in Certain Linear-Spaces
Idowu, Elayne Arrington 1974 Parker, Donald The P-Frattini-Subgroup of a Finite-Group
Schoen, James A. 1974 Halpern, Herbert The Quasi-Dual of a C*-Algebra
Chang, Chui-Chen 1974 DeMar, Richard F. The Relation of the Polya Property to Uniqueness, Expansion and Approximation of Functions
Maslowski, Henryka 1973 Chung, I.Y. Co limits in Categories on Algebra Complexes
Singer, Carl Peter 1973 Chung, I.Y. Differential Forms: Finiteness and the Riemann-Roch Property
Prabhakaran, R. 1973 Merkes, Edward On an Algorithm to Generate the Pade Approximants for an Arbitrary Power-Series
Lameier, Steve 1973 Merkes, Edward On Domains of Univalence of Certain Meromorphic Functions
Burdick, Gary Richard 1973 Merkes, Edward On Ratios and Products on Univalent-Functions
Delaney, James Anthony 1972 Dunholter, Russell J. Kelvin Impulse Theory Applied to Lift on Airfoils
Messina, Paul Cyprian 1972 Messick, R.E. On Asymptotic Estimation for Certain Plane Elliptic Singular Perturbation Problems with Discontinuous Dirichlet Conditions
Byers, Robert Bernard 1972 Merkes, Edward Some Subordination Results for Classes of Univalent Functions
Child, James Douglas 1972 DeMar, Richard Uniqueness and Interpolation Results for Entire-Functions of Exponential-Type
Strenk, Richard Edward 1972 DeMar, Richard Uniqueness Classes for Periodic-Type Difference Functionals
Kim, Young Joon 1972 Merkes, Edward Univalence of Certain Integrals
Hill, William Mack 1971 Parker, Donald Frattini Extensions of Finite Groups
Park, Soon-Dal 1971 Merkes, E.P. On Properties of Preorders on the Set of Options Induced by Guiding Rules
Peele, Charles Van Buren 1971 Doty, L.F. The Synthesis of a Linear Control System with Integral-Square-Error Performance Criterion
Heubener, Mary Jeanette 1970 Wagner, Frank Complementation in the Lattice of Regular Topologies
Cohen, Edgar Allen, Jr. 1968 Doty, Louis Simultaneous Approximation of a Function and its Derivatives
Sastry, M.A. Sundaram 1968 Wagner, Frank Statistical Topological Structures
Khatib, Ali Abdulali 1967 Jaeger, Arno On Properties on Cones of Commutative Rings
Shawhan, Gerald Louis 1966 Jaeger, Arno Contributions to the Theory of Tensor Products on Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities
Bullock, Robert Morton, III 1966 Doty, Louis Existence and Uniqueness theory for Delay-Differential Equations
Harden, Stephen Dennis 1966 Wagner, Frank Models of the Miinimum Principle
Fairchild, Ralph Lowell 1966 Jaeger, Arno On Cones on Endomorphisms
Green, Marvin David 1965 Lipsich, David Some Measure on Groups
Hicks, Troy Lee 1965 Wagner, Frank Some Results Concerning the Theory of Locally Convex Topological Linear Spaces
Casey, Joseph Kenneth 1964 Macintyre, A.J. Functions Harmonic in Cones and Similar Infinite Regions
Alonso, James 1964 Macintyre, A.J. On Differential Equations on Fractional Order
Warlick, Charles Henry 1964 Saltzer, Charles On Fundamental Solutions for a Class of Polyharmonic Finite Difference Operators
Meyer, Kenneth R. 1964 Macintyre, A.J. On the Stability of the Critical Cases in the Problems of Lurie and Letov
Kuo, Yueh-er 1964 Jaeger, Arno Relationships between Tensor Products and Inequalities
Chaiang, Puo-Shun 1964 Macintyre, A.J. Studies on Bloch's Theorem
Sjober, John Calvin 1963 Macintyre, A.J. A Class of Functions Related to the Riemann Zeta Function
Cerimele, Benito Joseph 1963 Macintyre, A.J. The Conformal Representation of a Perforated Strip upon a Canonical Domain
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Mond, Bertram 1963 Jaeger, Arno On the Direct Sum and Tensor Product of Linear and Nonlinear Programs
Mushenhein, Harold George 1963 Macintyre, A.J. Studies on Over Convergence
Pinzka, Charles F. 1962 Macintyre, A.J. A Class of Nonlinear Second Order Differential Equations and their Periodic Solutions
Craig, Cecil, Jr. 1962 Macintyre, A.J. Inequalities for Functions Regular and Bounded in a Circle
Weitkamp, Harvey Meredith 1961 Barnett, I.A. The Equations of X('N) plus Z('N)=0 in Rational Binary Matrices
Larkin, William James, II 1961 Jaeger, Arno On the First-Order Homogeneous Bi-linear Algebraic Differential Equation
Jones, Grover Stephen, Jr. 1960 Macintyre, A.J. Asymptotic Behavior and Periodic Solutions of a Nonlinear Differential-Difference Equation
Lui, Hsi-Ching 1960 Macintyre, A.J. Interpolation of Entire Functions
Shell, Donald L. 1959 Macintyre, A.J. Convergence of Infinite Exponentials
Suyemoto, Lee 1959 Peyerimhoff, Alexander On Complex Tauberian Theorems
Yang, Chao-Hui 1958 Moore, C.N. Integrability of Trigonometric Series with Monotone Decreasing Coefficients
Chalkley, Roger 1958 Jaeger, Arno On the Algebraic Theory of the Second Order Homogeneous Quadratic Differential Equation
Trombley, Eugene Francis 1957 Meyer-Konig Maximal Theorems related to Hilbert Transforms in One and Two Variables
Luebbe, Ralph Aloysius 1956 Peyerimhoff, Alexander Convergence Factors for Cesaro's Summability Method in "L" (,P) Spaces
Abian, Smbat 1956 Barnett, I.A. Invariants and Co variants of Systems of Linear Differential and Integro-Differential Equations
Levin, Frank 1955 Jaeger, Arno On the Algebraic Theory of Linear Multidifferential Polynomials
Shaheen, James M. 1955 Moore, C.N. On the Theory of Noerland Means and their Application to Power Series and Fourier Series
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Lipsich, H. David 1949 Szasz, Otto On Hypergeometric Summability
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Yeardley, Nelson B. 1949 Szasz, Otto The Representation of an Analytic Function by a General Laguerre Series
Gallagher, Edward H. 1948 Moore, C.N. Borel Summability of Fourier Series of Continuous Functions
Spragens, William H., Jr. 1948 Moore, C.N. On the Absolute Cesaro Summability of Double Fourier Series
Schwed, Philip 1948 Podolsky, B. Topics in Field Theory
Parker, Sidney Thomas 1947 Moore, C.N Convergent Factor and Regularity Theorems for Convergent Integrals
Barlaz, Joshua 1945 Szasz, Otto On Some Triangular Summability Methods
Stubbe, John S. 1945 Moore, C.N. Cesaro and Logarithmic Summability of Double Fourier Series and their Derived Series
Keival, Harry Sears 1943 Szasz, Otto On Certain Types of Continued Fraction Developments
Lawmill, Stanley Joseph 1941 Merriman, G.M. Concerning Harmonic Functions, Especially with Reference to the Theory of Approximation
Lorch, Lee 1941 Szasz, Otto Some Problems on the Borel Summability of Fourier Series
Reves, George Everett 1941 Szasz, Otto On the Absolute Convergence of Double Fourier Series
Schraut, Kenneth Charles 1940 Moore, C.N. Convergence Factor Theorems for Double and Multiple Series Having Unbounded Partial Sums
McGaughey, A. Wayne 1940 Moore, C.N. Lacunary Double Fourier Series
Dunholter, Russell J. 1939 Moore, C.N. A Sequence of Factors Which Leaves a Class of Double Fourier Series Unchanged
Reingold, Hiam 1938 Barnett, I.A. Invariants of a System of Linear Homogeneous Differential Equations of the Second Order
Pepper, Paul M. 1937 Hancock, Harris An Application of Geometry of Numbers to a Generalization of a Continued Faction
Mitchell, William 1937 Moore, C.N. On Euler Summability and One of its Generalizations
Odoms, Alta H. 1936 Moore, C.N. On the Summability of Double Fourier Series
Palmer, Lewis Franklin 1933 Moore, C.N. On the Strong Summability of the Double Fourier's Series
Nathan, David S. 1933 Barnett, I.A. Groups of Transformations in a Composite Function Space
Justice, Howard K. 1933 Brand, Louis Group Theory Applied to Vector Differential Equations
Rhodes, Charles Everett 1932 Moore, C.N. Concerning the Double Poisson Integral and its Derivations
Mullings, Marcus Evans 1931 Moore, C.N. Gibbsâ Phenomenon in the Double Fourier's Series
Miller, Harry Leroy 1931 Moore, C.N. On the Summability of Double Fourier's Series
Sibert, Harold Ward 1930 Hancock, Harris Moderately Thick Circular Plates with Flane Faces
Merriman,Gaylord Maish 1926 Hancock, Harris A Set of Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Cesaro Summability of the Double Series
Eversull, Bess Marie 1924 Moore, C.N. Summability of the Triple Fourier Series at Points of Discontinuity of the Function Developed
Kraupner, William 1923 Hancock, Harris Integral Solutions of the the Quadratic Realm of Rationality
Webber, Winfred (?) Paul 1911 Hancock, Harris (?) On the Construction of Doubly Periodic Functions which have Singular Points (Polar and Essential) in the Period Parallelogram