Financial Aid/Scholarships

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cincinnati currently has approximately 45 full-time students in the PhD program, 35 in the MS program, and 15 in the MAT program. Most PhD students have full financial support in the form of full tuition remission (UGS) and a Graduate Assistantship (GA), a fellowship, or an internship. Some UGS awards are also available for MAT students. Below are more detailed descriptions of these financial aid opportunities. 

Graduate Assistantships (GA)

The Department offers 24-25 Graduate Assistantships for students in the PhD program. Stipends are currently $19,000 for beginning students and $20,000 for students who have advanced to candidacy. Duties include holding problem sessions for several classes and/or grading and typically involve 12-15 hours of work per week. Opportunities for teaching one's own classes are also available, generally for more advanced students. Foreign students must score at least 50 on the TSE test or pass the University of Cincinnati Oral English Proficiency Test (OEPT) by the end of the first year in which they hold a Graduate Assistantship. Students awarded a Graduate Assistantship also receive a Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GAS) which covers their student tuition.

Graduate Incentive award (GIA)

These awards vary from 25% to 100% of a student's tuition and are available during both the academic year and the summer (for MAT students). There are no teaching duties associated with this award.


As an alternative to a fellowship or graduate assistantship, the Department arranges for a number of students to be supported by semester or year-long internships with local companies or government agencies. Such internships are usually accompanied by a full UGS.

Charles Phelps Taft Dissertation Fellowships

The Charles Phelps Taft Dissertation Fellowship provides financial support in order to advance outstanding graduate students in the completion of their doctoral research. Fourteen full-year fellowships of $17,500 each are available for advanced doctoral students, with one fellowship allocated to each PhD-granting Taft department for internal competition within the department. The remaining six fellowships are awarded through competitive selection at the Taft Student Awards Committee level across the PhD-granting Taft departments. The Taft Research Center provides a UGS to accompany each fellowship.

Yates Fellows and Scholars Program

The Yates Scholarship is offered by the Office of the University Dean for Graduate Studies to applicants from underrepresented groups who are nominated for the scholarship by the Department. Recipients of the Yates Scholarship receive a stipend and a full UGS.

Laws Scholarships

The Laws Scholarship Fund offers two fellowships of $17,500 each year to outstanding advanced mathematics or statistics PhD students.

Isabel and Mary Neff Fellowships and Scholarships

The Isabel and Mary Neff Scholarship Fund offers fellowships and scholarships of varying amounts to one or two women graduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Graduate School Distinguished Dissertation Completion Fellowships

The Graduate School awards five fellowships of $20,000 annually to doctoral students in the final year of degree work. The Graduate School also provides a full UGS in support of each fellowship. Fellowships are competitive, with awardees chosen by a selection committee and final decisions sanctioned by Dean of the Graduate School.

Research Assistantships

Some graduate students receive Research Assistantships funded by external research funds. The amount varies according to the grant and the duties. Such awards are usually accompanied by a full UGS.

Taft Graduate Enhancement Fellowships

Enhancement fellowships of $1,000 - $2,000 are offered to outstanding graduate students and are in addition to the standard Graduate Assistantships.

University Research Council Summer Fellowships

The URC summer fellowships provide a stipend of nearly $3,000 for selected graduate students involved in research during the summer. The Department typically receives two or three awards per year.

Maita Levine Summer Research Fellowships

The Department awards three Levine Summer Research Fellowships of $3,500 each year. These fellowships are awarded to advanced PhD students who are working on their dissertation research.