Complex Geometry Conference

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Modern Aspects of Complex Geometry:
A Conference in Honor of
Taft Professor David Minda

May 14 - 17, 2015
at the University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Room 800 Swift Hall

The goal of this conference, Modern Aspects of Complex Geometry, is to bring together researchers in the field of classical complex analysis, together with the emerging field of geometric analysis, in order to identify new directions of research in geometric analysis guided by the framework of classical complex analysis. Recent work in geometric analysis is based on the ideas and behavior of complex analytic functions from classical complex analysis, and we expect that this conference will identify further new directions for research in modern geometric analysis based on the entire picture that emerges from classical complex analytic research; for this goal to be achieved, we need to bring together the experts in classical complex analysis (the study of complex analytic functions between planar regions) and those working in the area of modern geometric analysis (the study of behavior of mappings between more general Riemann surfaces and higher dimensional spaces that are of interest in other areas, such as diff erential equations, diff erential topology, dynamics, and physics).

Taft Professor David Minda is one of the pioneers in the transformation from classical complex analysis to modern geometric analysis, and this conference is partly in his honor, as he will retire in May of 2015 from four decades of distinguished service to the University of Cincinnati.

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