Religious Studies Certificate

The Certificate in Religious Studies provides a multidisciplinary introduction to the study of religion by examining religious traditions through the methods of literary analysis, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and history. Furthermore, incorporating courses from several departments, the certificate fosters critical thinking by exposing students to diverse methodologies and perspectives. Students will deepen their conceptual understanding of religion as well as familiarize them with various religions. This certificate will help students engage in well-informed and thoughtful discourse about religion in general and specific religious traditions.


The certificate consists of 24 credit hours, involving various disciplines and religious traditions as described below. Required Courses expose students to anthropological, textual, philosophical, praxis-based approaches to religious studies. The remaining courses are more specialized by topic with methods distributed through the humanities and social sciences. As most students may be primarily familiar with Christianity and Judaism, students are required to take at least one course outside of these traditions. The certificate will be administered through the Department of Judaic Studies.

Required Courses

  • ANTH 2068 Religion in Culture 

          or ANTH 1001 Cultural Anthropology

          or ANTH 1002 Cultural Anthropology

  • JUDC 1028 Introduction to Biblical Studies
  • PHIL 2030 Philosophy and Religion 

          or RELG 1001 Introduction to Religious Studies

Pick one course from the following list:

  • 15AFST345 African Religion (semester course TBA)
  • 15CLAS188 Mortals, Myths, and Magic in the Ancient World (CLAS1022)
  • 15CLAS333 Egyptian and Mesopotamian Mythology (CLAS2033)
  • 15CLAS346 Greek and Roman Myth and Religion (CLAS1021)
  • 15CLAS357 The Athenian Acropolis (CLAS3012)
  • 15CLAS3002 Greek and Roman Religion (new semester course)

Pick one course from each of the following three groups, plus three additional courses from any courses listed below.

  • 15AFST442 Religion in African American Literature (AFST2042)
  • 15CLAS335 Celtic and Norse Mythology (CLAS2032)
  • 15ENGL350/351/352 Bible and Literature (ENGL3050,3051)
  • 15JUDC229 Introduction to the Bible: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (JUDC2028)
  • 15JUDC231 Biblical Poetry (JUDC2030)
  • 15JUDC232 The Other Bible (in semesters this course material is covered with JUDC2032)
  • 15JUDC233 Ancient Stories of Creation (JUDC1033)
  • 15JUDC300 The Jewish Bible (JUDC2029)
  • 15JUDC301 Biblical Narratives (JUDC3001)
  • 15JUDC321 Demons in the Bible & Related Texts (JUDC2037)
  • 15JUDC328 Women in the Bible (JUDC3028)
  • 15JUDC348 New Testament in its Jewish Matrix (JUDC3048)
  • 15JUDC349 Introduction to Rabbinic Literature (JUDC2036)
  • 15JUDC392 The Apocrypha (JUDC2032)
  • Also JUDC3003 Biblical Interpretation in the Greco-Roman Period
  • ENGL2076 Old Testament Literature
  • ENGL2077 New Testament Literature
  • 15AFST380 Black Church in America (semester course TBA)
  • 15GEOG335 Geography of Religion (GEOG 3039; see also GEOG6039)
  • 15HIST487/488 History of Christianity (HIST3001,3002)
  • 15HIST515 Antisemitism (HIST3084, JUDC6010)
  • 15HIST551/552 The Reformation (HIST4054)
  • 15JUDC127/128/129 History of Jewish Civilization (cross-listed with HIST) (JUDC1027, 1028)
  • 15JUDC290 Art and Judaism (JUDC3090)
  • 15JUDC330 Jews and Islam (JUDC3030)
  • 15JUDC352 Gender and Judaism (JUDC3052)
  • 15JUDC379 Judaism and Christianity in Conflict (JUDC2034)
  • 15JUDC380 Dead Sea Scrolls (JUDC3080)
  • 15JUDC382 Studies in the Holocaust (JUDC3082)
  • 15JUDC385 Religion and Genocide (JUDC3085)
  • 15JUDC405 Bible and the Ancient World (JUDC4005)
  • 15POL319 Religion and Politics in America (POL3015)
  • 15WGS317 Women and Religion (WGS2071)
  • Possibly also HIST4080 Jews in Europe
  • HIST3067 Jews and Muslims in the Modern Mediterranean
  • HIST3081 The Holocaust
  • Additional courses on Islamic world planned (Frierson, future hire)
  • 15JUDC135 Introduction to Judaism (JUDC1035)
  • 15JUDC317 God (JUDC3017)
  • 15JUDC329 Evolution of the Angel (JUDC2039)
  • 15JUDC394 Modern Jewish Thought (JUDC2061)
  • 15JUDC395 Medieval Jewish Philosophy (JUDC3095)
  • 15JUDC487 The Book of Job and the Problem of Evil (JUDC4087)
  • 15PHIL229 Philosophy and Atheism (PHIL1030)
  • 15PHIL231 Science, magic, and the Occult (PHIL2042)
  • 15WGS316 Feminism and Spirituality (WGS2070)