Wesley Banks: Returning student has “desire to grow in other fields of study”

Wesley and his feathery friend

Several decades off from college doesn’t mean you can’t goback to school: Wesley Banks is proof. “I first attended UC many years ago but was never able to return,” he said. “Since then, I’ve been married, put three great kids through college, worked at a communication company for over 30 years, become a grandpa of three cute little girls, plus so much more. But attending UC is something that I have always missed. Through the Interdisciplinary Program, I hope to finish a lifelong goal.”

That path forward was not always so clear. “Interdisciplinary was not part of my original plan. My initial goal was to work toward a certificate or a bachelor in Religious Studies. As I became involved in other courses along the way, I realized that I had a desire to grow in other fields of study.”

The Interdisciplinary Programhas made that desire a real possibility, and offered Banks alternate paths to pursue his dreams. “This program has given me more of what I truly desired,” Banks explained. “This is not about a job opportunity for me, but a great place to improve myself.”

Once Banks realized that he wanted to grow in other fields, not just the path he initially set out on, he was able to find support from his advisors. “John Brolley has been a superstar when it comes to help and support,” he said. “He’s been an awesome professor and advisor. His guidance, along with that of a few other advisors, has assisted me in navigating through college and course scheduling. I have had positive experiences with all my professors. I am older than most of my professors, but I’ve learned a lot and I have enjoyed every class.”

Banks also sees the Interdisciplinary Program as being a leg up for students. In today’s workforce, it’s important to be well-rounded, and this program equips students with the skills and learning they’ll need after graduation.

“I’m blessed to have learned and been part of several successful processes. I look forward to using what I’ve learned in the Interdisciplinary Program to build, share, and grow in all my endeavors moving forward.”

—Michelle Flanagan