Digital Scholarship

German History Intersections

Dr. Jeff Zalar
About the Project
German History Intersections is a source-based digital project that examines three broad topics – migration, knowledge and education, and Germanness – from 1500 to the present. By charting these topics across centuries, the project offers an alternative to traditional histories that focus on discrete historical periods. Taking a long view allows the project to better illustrate the interconnectedness of the chosen topics – migration, knowledge and education, and Germanness, it is clear, do not follow parallel or independent paths over the course of modern German history, but rather intersect at frequent points and in multiple ways. Organized by the German Historical Institute, Washington, DC, with significant support from the Transatlantic Program of the European Recovery Program (German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy), the project is completely bilingual (English/German) and is geared toward North American, German, and global audiences.