History Department Award 2022

The History Department is proud to announce awardees of this year’s departmental awards. Many congratulations to them, and to all History students who have persevered throughout this academic year. 

Undergraduate Awards

Freshman Seminar Prize

Best paper in History Freshmen Seminars: 
Amelia Schofalvi, “Critical Response Paper: The Haitian Revolution”

Hilda Smith Prize: Best Essay/Paper Women’s History

Abigail Crabtree, “Catherine the Greatest: Looking Back at Catherine the Great”
Ava Gyurcsik, “'Tis Women who Rule Us Still: The Roles of Royal Women During the Early English Reformation”
Elizabeth Oh, “The World of Lesbian Magazines: From Vice Versa, The Ladder, and Focus: A Journal for Lesbians to Cincinnati’s Own Dinah’”
Megan Westmeyer, “Who controls the story of History?: Suffragettes in Edwardian England and the fight to control the narrative of the suffragette movement” 

Valerie Baxter, “Play -The Three wishes – Women helping Women -an Early Modern European Fairy Tale”
Jordan Crawley, “Dialogue: The Salon”
Riley Haag, “The Art Project Dilemma”
Emily Ivanov, “A Critical Study of the Portrayal of Genderfluidity in Marvel’s Loki”
Griffen Peters, “Three Different Women and their Journey During War”

George Newberger Prize: Best History Capstone Essay, U.S. History

George Newberger Prize winner, Grace Grissett with her certificate

George Newberger Prize winner, Grace Grissett

Grace Grissett, “A Never-Ending Loop:  Poverty, Policy, and the True Cost of Appalachian Coal”
Henry T. Ricke, “The Birth of the Charter”

Jude Hart, “The Avondale Uprisings, University of Cincinnati unrest, and the FBI in the ‘60s”
Theodore Jansen, “Caught in the Crosshairs: Father Thomas McGrady and the Conflict Between Catholics and Socialists at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”

George B. Engberg Prize: Best History Capstone Essay, Non-U.S. History

George B. Engberg Prize winner, George Kunkel on the left with his family

George B. Engberg Prize winner, George Kunkel (right) with his family

George Kunkel
, “Property and Personhood: Parliament and the Levellers on the Franchise in the English Civil Wars”
Adam Wissman, “Middle-Class Radicals: The Tudeh Party of Iran and the 1953 Coup”

Ava Gyurcsik, “'Tis Women who Rule Us Still: The Roles of Royal Women During the Early English Reformation”
Michael Kilmore, “Conflict Between Allies: The United States’ and Colombia’s relationship during the Korean War”
Will Tuttle, “Union by All Costs”

History Club Leadership Award

Greta Davis

Lenore F. McGrane Prize: Most Promising Student U.S. History

Michael Kilmore and Divya Kumar

Emma Louise Parry Prize: Top History Student in Any Area

Abigail Crabtree and Grace Grissett

Four UC students with Dr. Stephen Porter

Left to right: Abigail Crabtree (Parry Prize winner), Divya Kumar (McGrane Prize winner), Dr. Stephen Porter (center), Micheal Kilmore (McGrane Prize winner), and Grace Grissett (Parry Prize winner)

Scholarship Recipients for coming 2022 - 2023 academic year

Dr Henry Winkler Scholarship in History
Divya Kumar

Lenore F McGrane Scholarship
Anji Patel

Werner & Anne Von Rosenstiel Scholarship
Grace Suhadolnik

Graduate Awards

Zane Miller Prize for Best Graduate Student Research Paper

Felicity Moran is receiving her award from Dr. Willard Sunderland

Felicity Moran (left) and Dr. Willard Sunderland (right)

Felicity Moran, "Chaste and Famous: Female Behavior and the Development of Professional Musicians in Renaissance Italy"

Reese Whitely, "The Foundations of Nuremberg: Wartime Culpability and the Struggle to Define the Crime of Aggression"
Shepherd Ellis, "Religious Conversion in the Spanish Empire: Identity Formation in Hapsburg Spain & Baroque Mexico"
Trevor Johnson , "The “Terrible Turks” Come to America: Masculinity, Orientalism, Nationalism, and Professional Wrestling in Late 19 th and Early 20 th Century America"

John K. Alexander Prize for Best Graduate Student Teacher or Teaching Assistant

Reese Whitely and Wil Morriss

Honorable Mentions:
Felicity MoranAnna SenselBrittney SmithSophie OspitalNicholas Short

Roger Daniels Graduate Summer Research Fellowship

Anthony Russomano

Herbert Shapiro Scholarship in African American History

Brittney Smith

Niehoff Research Fellowships

Wil Morriss (left) and Christian O’Cull (right) 

Wil Morriss and Christian O'Cull

Departmental Research Support Awards

Sophie Ospital, Wil Morriss, Christian O’Cull

Graduates in 2022

Ph.D. Graduates: 
Casey Huegel and Evan Johnson

MA Graduates: 
Shepherd Ellis, Trevor Johnson, Felicity Moran, and Reese Whitely

Von Rosenstiel Awardees, 2021 - 22

Sophie OspitalReese WhitelyShepherd EllisBrittney SmithNicholas ShortHarper Lee

Taft Award Recipients

Dissertation Fellowship 2021 - 22:
Nicholas BrownDaniel FarrellKevin McPartland

Graduate Enrichment Awards:
Sophie OspitalHarper LeeWil MorrissChristian O’CullAnna Sensel

Grad Summer Fellowship for Summer 2022:
Alysha Federkeil

Taft Dissertation Fellowship Recipients for the coming 2022-23 academic year:
Diamond Crowder and Alysha Federkeil