International Programs

Study Abroad is the best way to get to know a language and a culture. The department of German Studies offers two programs in Germany that allow you to do just that!

Our Berlin program, which is conducted entirely in English, takes students to the German capital for ten days during spring break during the Spring semester. The course number for Berlin is GRMN 2062. Students get to know this exciting city through guided walking tours, visits to museums and exhibitions, as well as meetings with German officials. There is also plenty of time to go out on your own and explore. The package includes a day-trip to Dresden or Weimar. The program is open to all UC students.

Our Munich program is a four-week intensive language class taught entirely in German each year in June and July. In addition to formal instruction in the classroom, there is sufficient opportunity for exploring the beautiful city of Munich and its environment and to practice your German with locals. The five-week course replaces one year of the German language sequence. The program is open to all students who have completed the year-long Basic German course.

Our London Cinema Study Tour offers a unique opportunity to experience one of the world's greatest cities through its rich cinematic history. Students willl watch and discuss films set in London from the silent era to the present and arrive in London well prepared to explore the locations used in the films, experience the topics and history shown in the films, visit museums, archives, and studios, and attend film screenings and theatrical performances. Students will collaborate on multimedia projects to understand the complex and changing relationship between the "real" London and its media representations past and present. The program is open to all UC students.